Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico

Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico


In few places in Spain will you find such a collection of historical and artistic elements as in Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico – the most attractive of the “Cinco Villas” (Five Towns) in the pre-pyrenees of Aragon.

A unique monumental site in Aragon, Uncastillo’s centre is home to impressive historic-artistic heritage. Special mention should be made of the castle-fortress, with its “Torre del Homenaje” (keep), originally from the 11th century and restored in the 14th, where you will find the Tower Museum. Then there is the Gothic palace of Peter IV, dating from the same century, an excellent example of Gothic palace architecture, unique in Aragon. Santa María Church is a designated Cultural Property, with its cloister and Romanesque/Gothic decoration. San Juan Church is also designated Cultural Property and has 13th century murals. Finally we should make mention of the medieval exchange (13th century). It is also worth visiting the Los Bañales archaeological area, one of Aragon’s main Roman sites.

Sos del Rey Católico: King Ferdinand I of Aragón, later known as Ferdinand the Catholic, was born here. Its strategic situation makes a natural fortress and in one of the most important fortified towns in the area during the 10th and 11th centuries. It still preserve gateway-towers, such as Jaca, Nador, Zaragoza and Uncastillo.

The beautiful surrounding countryside makes Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico good places for hiking.

Travel guide

How to Get There

From Zaragoza toward Huesca. Exit the motorway following the signals to Ejea de los Caballeros. From Ejea de los Caballeros to Sádaba. Once there, turn off to the right toward Uncastillo.

From Madrid: Merge onto A-2 toward Zaragoza. Take exit 270 to Ricla and Magallón. Before getting to Magallon follow signs to Tudela/Zaragoza. Avoid the motorway and continue toward Gallur, Tauste, Ejea de los Caballeros and Sádaba. Once there, turn off to the right toward Uncastillo.

From Pamplona direction Jaca-Huesca until Liédena. Then to Sangüesa and Sos del Rey Católico. There is a cross-road 4 kms after Sos. Turn left toward Uncastillo.
When you get to Uncastillo, follow the green signs until the cobbled square which is behind the church of St María. Take out your luggage and – later – park your car in some other street of the village.

UTM: X= 653881.72 | Y=4691561.88 | Huso 30
Lat:  42º 21’ 37‘’ N; Long: 1º 7’ 53’’ W


Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico: Plan your journey by public transport

Zaragoza is served by the high speed train AVE that reaches Madrid in approximately 1 hour 20 minutes and Barcelona in approx. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Railway station located in the town of Tudela, region of Navarre, with connections to Pamplona, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Madrid, amongst others.

The airport of Pamplona is located at approx. 6 km south of Pamplona and offers mainly flights to Spanish destinations.

Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico weather forecast

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Places to go

Sos del Rey Católico

Sos del Rey Católico is birthplace of King Ferdinand the Catholic, hence the name. During the 10th and 11th centuries, it was one of the most important fortified towns. It still preserves gateway-towers.

TO SEE: Walled historic site

TO DO: Sada Palace
Guided visits
San Esteban church

RECOMMEND: Having lunch at Restaurante Principal


Uncastillo is known for beeing a unique monumental site in teh region of Aragon and having a centre that is home to impressive historic-artistic heritage.

Medieval town center
Jewish quarter

De la Torre Museum
San Martin church
Guided tour

Have a Uncastillo butter cake (torta de manteca)
Taste the delicious ecological Uncastellum wine

Loarre Castle

The Loarre Castle is an impressive 11th-century Romanesque fortress. It houses the church of Santa María.

TO SEE: Medieval fortified fortress

TO DO: Guided visit

RECOMMEND: Visit the nearby Bolea collegiate church

Bardenas Reales Nature Park

The Bardenas Reales Nature Park, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2000, is partially a semidesert landscape, affected by pouring rains that shaped its plaster and clay terrain.

TO SEE: Semi-desert landscape with stunning erosions


RECOMMEND: Take a stop at Castildeterra

Foz de Lumbier Nature Reserve

The Foz de Lumbier is one of the most spectacular gorges in the Navarre region (northern Spain), and it can easily be explored on foot along two clearly signposted routes.

TO SEE: Short narrow gorge of the Irati river. Great birds of prey live in its crevices, cracks and ledges, including large numbers of griffin vultures.


RECOMMEND: Visit also the nearby Foz de Arbayún gorge.


Route through The Jewish Quarters


On this tour you’ll visit the Jewish quarters of the villages of El Frago, Biel, Luesia, Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico, located in the region of Aragon, Spain.

The villages that belong to the ‘Cinco Villas’ area had important Jewish quarters until the expulsion of the Jews, ordered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492.

On this route you’ll visit the best preserved quarters where you can still see original remains of that time, such as the synagogue or the Jewish cemetery of Uncastillo.

Distance/Time: 70 km one way
El Frago, Biel, Luesia, Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico

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