Sierra Espuña Regional Reserve

Sierra Espuña Regional Reserve

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Murcia is well known for the beaches of its Costa Cálida coast, but it is in inland Murcia where you will finde an area of countryside and contrasts: Sierra Espuña is a regional reserve with luxuriant forests, steppes, rivers and high-mountain areas, a landscape of extreme dryness or leafy hoisted trees.

This is the real ‘green lung’ of the region of Murcia, a place where to enjoy countryside, history and sports in the open air. Nevertheless, it is the rugged, mountainous scenery that stands out most, offering stunning, unusual views.

Although the average altitude is of around 800 meters above sea level, the highest point reaches 1.583 meters. Travellers by foot, bike or car, are going to find splendid scenes in the limestone strong wall of Las Paredes de Leyva (of more than 3 km of length and 100 and 150 metres of difference in height), Los Cuchillos de El Bosque, the plateau of La Muela (with its 1.554 meters of height), the ‘lunar landscape’ of Barrancos de Gebas or the deep tube of El Baranco de la Hoz – to mention just some of the impressive landscapes or Espuña.

You’ll also enjoy the abundant historical remains that still exist in this sierra. There are sites of prehistoric times and one of the greatest snow pits complexes – the Pozos de Nieve, whose origins whose origins date from the 16th century. These are 26 large circular holes dug out of the ground at an altitude of 1,300 metres and which once served as refrigerators: Every winter, teams of workers climbed the mountains and stored the snow inside in these pits so that in spring the bars of ice could be used in cities throughout the area, even at 70 kilometers distance.

Travel guide

How to Get There

By air:
The nearest airports with national and international destinations are those of Almeria and Alicante. Alicante Airport is located at approx. 120 km distance from the Sierra Espuña, Almeria Airport at approx. 160 km distance. From both airports, the best way to get to the sierra is by motorway A-7/E-15 until Alhama de Murcia.

By train:
The nearest railway station with long distance connections (to for example Madrid and Barcelona) is located in the town of Murcia, at approx. 40 km distance to Sierra Espuña.

By car:
On motorway A-7/E-15 until exit 631 toward Alhama de Murcia. From there merging onto C-3315 road toward Pliego and at approx. 12 km turning left onto C-25 toward El Berro.

Sierra Espuña Regional Reserve: Plan your journey by public transport

The Murcia station offers Talgo and Altaria trains with destination Madrid and Barcelonaas well as connections with other Spanish towns.

The airport of Alicante, in Spain, offers flights to both national and international destinations and is located at approx. 10 kms south the town of Alicante.

The airport is located in the north of the town of Almería, Spain, offering flights mainly to national but also to international destinations.

Sierra Espuña Regional Reserve weather forecast

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Places to go

El Milano archaeological site

El Milano archaeological site preserves testimonies of cave paintings representing animals as well as human figures, both male and female.

TO SEE: El Milano archaeological site has been declared World Heritage site by UNESCO within the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula. The site is an excellent reflection of how life was lived during prehistoric times.

TO DO: Participate in a guided tour and see the cavepaintings.

RECOMMEND: Advance booking necessary.
Phone (Office of Tourism in Mula): +34 – 968 66 15 01


The city of Murcia was founded in 831 by Abd-Al-Rahman II on a  privileged location, in the centre of the Valley of the River Segura.

TO SEE: A chain of mountains surrounds the plain which Murcia sits upon, a city of Arab origin whose existence is closely linked to the fertile lands around the river Segura.

TO DO: Take a stroll through the old part of the town with its historial streets and many places that speak of its Moorish past. The city wall offers a good idea of the importance achieved by the city under Arab rule.

RECOMMEND: In Plaza Cardenal Belluga there are two architectural gems – the Episcopal Palace (18th century), with a Rococo façade and Churrigueresque courtyard; and the Cathedral.

Aledo Castle

The castle of Aledo is located 9 kms from Totana, and stands on a small ridge beside the Sierra Espuña mountains.

TO SEE: The castle stands on a small ridge beside the Sierra Espuña mountains. It is Muslim in origin, and is built of tamped earth which gives it its reddish colour. The outstanding feature of the castle is its defensive character, and the way it adapts to the unevenness of the terrain.

TO DO: It has several underground spaces with different channels and corridors which lead to the area beside the river. Particularly significant are the tower and other structures which were used to defend some of the areas near the castle.


El Berro hiking route

Hiking tour through the Sierra Espuña starting and ending in the village of El Berro.

Circular hiking tour of approx. 3 hours and 10,5 km distance through the Sierra Espuña that begins and ends in El Berro.

On Rutas por Sierra Espuña you can download the description in Spanish, however the map shows the itinerary.

Distance/Time: Type: Circular
Distance: 10,5 km
Estimated time: approx. 3 hours
Difference in height: 297 m
El Berro – Sierra Espuña

Gebas Viewpoint hiking tour

Hiking tour from Alhama de Murcia to the Gebas Viewpoint in Sierra Espuña, Spain.

This route leads to the summit of the Sierra Espuña, from where you can have a beautiful overview of the massif as well as the Guadalentín Valley.

On Rutas por Sierra Espuña you can download the description in Spanish, however the map shows the itinerary.

Distance/Time: Starting point: Alhama de Murcia (Jardín de los Patos), at 185 m altitude
Place of arrival: Gebas Viewpoint, at 429 m altitude
Distance: approx. 11,23 km.
Estiamted time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Medium
Difference in height: 448 m
Alhama de Murcia – Gebas Viewpoint

Cycling tour through Sierra Espuña

Cycling tour in Sierra Espuña in Spain.

Distance/Time: Circular route
Distance: approx. 7,16 km
Estimated time: 45 min by bike
Difficulty: Low
Difference in height: 207 m.
La Santa – Aledo

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