Santander – Suesa

Santander – Suesa


There are many reasons to come to Suesa and not only for staying at The Casona de Suesa that is the fundamental one. And it is that we have everything and quite closely together. On the one hand we have the best beaches that you could imagine, with soft and delicated sand and kilometric, or a surprising cliffs. Some to go in couple, others with children, others to practise surf all the year round, and even them there are nudists! But not only there are beaches near Suesa, Santander is with his wide cultural and gastronomic offer and “La  Vega de Pas”, the authentic green Cantabria… One thing is clear, it is necessary to come with car and you gain many of seeing and knowing an incredible region since we are so well placed, have everything nearby, only you need someone to guide you and for it we are, to make your trip to Cantabria unforgettable. We are waiting for you.

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How to Get There

Santander – Suesa: Plan your journey by public transport

Santander Railway Station

Train station in the Spanish town of Santander, region of Cantabría, Spain.

Santander Airport

The Airport is 20 km distnance from La Casona de Suesa on the A8 road to Bilbao.

Brittany Ferries

The best way to arrive the north of spain wiht your own car. From the center of the city driving the A8 road to Bilbao, it only takes you 20 minutes to arrive La Casona de Suesa.

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Places to go


Visit Santander, Santander beaches, north of Spain.

TO SEE: People say that the bay of Santander is one of the nicest in the world. And probably it is true because it makes nobody indifferent. To walk along Santander is to travel to the past, to the summers of the royalty of the IXXth in the beach of the Sardinero, the palace of the Magdalena, the casino… To submerge in the elegance and the class typical of the cities of the north of Spain. But also it is to enjoy an infinite variety of terraces and restaurants where to taste the best of the modern kitchen. An ice cream of dessert, a walk by ship, to visit the Maritime Museum or to come to a representation in the Palace of Festivals… A city informs to enjoy, with a view to the sea and the green mountain and that has more than thousand motives for coming to discover it.

TO DO: Take the ship that crosses the bay and that will leave you in the downtown. Once there you can cross it walking or in bicycle since the Town hall of Santander puts at the disposal of the visitor a service of rent of bicycles in which the first hour is free and the second hour and following only costs 0,50 Euros. But care with the slopes that exist enough!! Approach the cathedral for Pereda’s gardens and throw a glimpse to the marvellous shops of the center. And later rise to the zone of the Palacio de la Magdalena and the Sardinero and hav a rest eating rabas (the squids of here) in any terrace of the zone. And if you still have forces it rises to Cabo Mayor to seeing the impressive sight from the Faro.

RECOMMEND: The rabas of the Sardinero. Cañadio’s tapeo and the impressive thorns of “Las hijas de Florencio”. To sunbathe in Pereda’s Walk and if it rains, a cafetito in Pombo’s Plaza. The Maritime Museum. A walk by ship for the bay. The palace of Festivals

Cabarceno Natural Park

TO SEE: The Park of Cabarceno’s nature is neither a conventional zoo nor a nature reserve. It is a space naturalized by the hand of the man from the primitive beauty of his landscape realized on 750 hectares of a former mining exploitation to opened sky. In him they live and can be visited, more than hundred of animal species of five continents in regime of semifreedom, which is distributed in enclosures of big surfaces where one or several species coexist.

TO DO: Cabarceno is an ideal option for the lovers of the animals and the nature in pure, but if tha day is too much hot maby you do not see anyone since the majority they prefer the shade of a good tree. The entry costs for the whole day and you can go out of the park and return to enter during the day without problems. And this this one very well since one eats better in the peoples of next to the park that inside him. Lions, gorillas, girafas, elephants and many animals lives in this special park.

RECOMMEND: We do recommend you to go one day that is not too muchhot, not that rains very much since it is possible that you do not see to many animals. The tour of the park is done by car, so you  decide where you want to go and how long are you going to be there. And remember that one eats much better out of the park, in any of thesmall towns arround, that in the interior (and more cheap!)


Vegas de Pas

To few kilometres of The Casona de Suesa one finds the wonderful valley of Vega de Pas. The certification green Cantabria, with his cows grazing, his cabins of stone and his wonderfull towns where to taste the best”sobaos pasiegos” of the world, delicious cheeses, domestic jams… And certainly the ideal place to taste an authentic highland “cocido”

There are several routes to know this valley and according to the time that it makes we recommend to you one or other one. If it is a winter and villain does, the ideal thing is to raise to the mountain San Roque of river Miera and eat a tipical “Cocido Montañes”. Later we go down for another side of the mountain to know the rest of the valley up to Vega of Pas and Villacarriedo. But if the day is clear and sunny the better thing is to go up to Villacarriedo and for a road that not the whole world knows (but that we will teach you) to contemplate the sight more beautiful and amazing of this so spectacular valley.

Distance/Time: From The Casona de Suesa up to Villacarriedo there are approximately 22 km and from there, 10 km more up to Pas’s Vega. If you choose San Roque’s of river Miera option, the distance is similar, some 30km. Vega de Pas is too much surrounds to leave it in your visit to Cantabria!
Lierganes, San Roque de rio Miera, Villacarriedo, Selaya, Vega de Pas

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