Cabo de Gata – Almería

Cabo de Gata

Angel Vivas, the owner of La Almendra y el Gitano looks forward to welcome you to Cabo de Gata, Almería


The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar has one of the most beautiful and ecologically rich coastal strips in the western Mediterranean. The park is a unique natural area of contrasting landscapes and lighting effects that impress all those who visit it.

The fundamental nucleus of the park, the Cabo de Gata mountains, are a volcanic mountainous massif whose southwestern flank falls directly over the Mediterranean sea forming beautiful cliffs, beaches and coves.

In the southern part of the Reserve, there are coastal salt marshes, a habitat of great importance for numerousmigratory bird species. The summertime is remarkable, which is when numerous species arrive, such as flamingoes, wading birds, and seagulls.

Thickets and herbaceous plants form the local flora, with many indigenous species among them. As for the sea bed, it is home to species like the large-scaled scorpion fish, the comber and the cardinal fish.

As well as including the entire territory of the Nature Park and its surroundings, the Cape Gata-Níjar Biosphere Reserve was declared a Special Bird Protection Area (ZEPA) and is included in the Ramsar Agreement under the category of Wetlands of International Importance.

Travel guide

How to Get There

From Madrid:
Leave Madrid merging onto A-3 toward Valencia. After approx. 150 km continue onto A-31 and then take exit 80 for A-30 toward Murcia. Once in Murcia take first exit 134A and then 138 to merge onto E-15/A-7 toward Almeria. Continue approx. 150 km on the E-15/A-7 motorway and take exit 494 for N-341 toward Carboneras. After approx. 9 km turn right onto AL-5106 toward Agua Amarga.

From the North / Barcelona:
Leave Barcelona merging onto E-15/AP-7 toward Valencia. After approximately 300 km continue onto E-15/A-7 and take exit to stay on A-7 toward Albacete/Alicante (Por interior). Continue onto A-35 and take exit 11 to merge onto N-344 toward Alicante/Murcia. After approx. 10 km take the A-31 ramp to Villena/Alicante and continue onto A-31 until exit 223 for E-15/A-7 toward Elche/Murcia. Merge onto A-7 toward Almería and take exit 494 for N-341 toward Carboneras. After approx. 9 km turn right onto AL-5106 toward Agua Amarga.

From the South / Almería:
Merge onto the E-15/A-7 motorway toward Murcia/Barcelona and take exit 494 for N-341 toward Carboneras. After approx. 9 km turn right onto AL-5106 toward Agua Amarga.

Cabo de Gata, Almería: Plan your journey by public transport

The bus station of Almería is located on the Plaza de la Estación. It offers connections to other provinces in Andalusia and main cities of Spain as well as to the airport.

The airport is located in the north of the town of Almería, Spain, offering flights mainly to national but also to international destinations.

Cabo de Gata, Almería weather forecast

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Places to go

Agua Amarga

Agua Amarga is a nice holiday village amidst the beautiful Cabo de Gata Nature Park in Andalusia, Spain.

TO SEE: Aguamarga is a warm summer holiday destination. Its beach is 550 meters long and 30 meters wide and has showers, toilets and bars. There is access for physically challenged persons and the waters are normally calm.

TO DO: Spend a day on the beach.

RECOMMEND: The beach offers all the facilities needed to enjoy a family holiday. The sand is fine and the surroundings are absolutely splendid for day trips.

Cala de Enmedio Cove

Cala de Enmedio is one the most beautiful small coves of the Cape Gata Natural Park, in Andalusia, Spain.

TO SEE: Beautiful, 130 meters long and 35 meters wide cove. It is quite difficult to access (by a field path), but worth it: This cove offers a pristine beach with excellent sand, crystal clear water and peaceful calm.

TO DO: Spend a relaxing day on one of the most beautiful beaches of Cape Gata Natural Park.

RECOMMEND: Take along food and drinks as there are no services in this protected and insulated area.

Del Plomo Bay

Beautiful beach with calm and crystal clear waters in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

TO SEE: Really beautiful and hidden cove lost in time and space. The access is difficult but possible on a path in not to good condition.

TO DO: The beach has calm, crystal clear waters and is excellent for swimming when no waves. Nudist beach.

RECOMMEND: No bars or restaurants, so we recommend bringing food and drink.

Las Almoredas Beach

Las Almoredas is a protected 3,750 meters long beach located in the Cabo de Gata nature park in Spain.

TO SEE: As it is in the middle of the Cape Gata-Níjar Nature Park, this beach is protected. At the end nearest to García Tower, there are Roman remains from an old salt fish factory.

TO DO: Spend a day on this splendid 3750 meters long and 60 meters wide beach.

RECOMMEND: Its greatest attraction is the extraordinary views it gives us of the Nature Reserve.


Almeria has a town center that’s well worth a visit. In addition to history and culture it offers also large beaches and a delicious cuisine.

TO SEE: Almeria dominates a coastline dotted with almost virgin beaches and an interior marked by peculiar semideserted ecosystems. Narrow streets with whitewashed façades are elements of its picturesque historic quarter. In addition to history and culture, Almería offers beaches, mountain and coastal nature reserves and a gastronomy that will make this visit unforgettable.

TO DO: Visit the Alcazaba (the Citadel), the Walls of Hayrán; the La Chanca district and its trodlodyte dwellings; the Cathedral with its towers, crenellations and thick walls; the churches; the old part of town…

RECOMMEND: Take a stroll under the shade of the Palm trees at Nicolás Salmerón Park, which runs along the seashore. Or a walk by Paseo de Almería and Real street and gaze at the colourful façades and the “terraos” (uninhabited top storeys), to feel the pulse of one of the most charismatic cities in Andalusia.

La Amatista Viewpoint

From the La Amatista Viewpoint you can contemplate almost the entire landscape of Cape Gata Natural Park, located in Andalusia, Spain.

TO SEE: From this viewpoint you’ll see almost the whole coast of Cape Gata Natural Park. In this arid sub-desert landscape, with little rain, the foreground contrasts with the dark volcanic substrate.

TO DO: The area has steep cliffs up to 200 meters, beaches, salt marshes and reefs.

RECOMMEND: Take time and enjoy the landscape. For example the Pico de los Frailes in the background, an ancient volcano and with almost 500 meters the park’s highest point. Also called “The Tits” or “Sisters”, since it’s formed by two almost identical peaks.


La Molata Route

Hiking route along the coastline of Nature Park Cabo de Gata in Andalusia, Spain.

Maybe it’s the colours -its nuances, contrasts, textures, arrangements-  which
bamboozle the senses while walking the coastal path of the natural park while contemplating the splendid landscape.

The natural, geological and biological wealth is tangible, as is the historical and cultural heritage of the place, with two important monuments related to the defense of a coast that were almost depopulated for centuries by the threat posed by pirate raids.

Unfortunately the brochure is only in Spanish, however the map is quite good and will give you an idea of the route.

Distance/Time: Route: Linear
Distance: 1.5 km
Estimated time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Medium
Route along the coastal line of Cabo de Gata.

Loma Pelada Route

Hiking tour through representative landscapes of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park in Spain.

During this simple and comfortable hiking route you’ll get to know the most representative places and landscapes of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar. It starts in Los Escullos close to the San Felipe Castle, one of the bastions erected for surveillance and defense of the coast in the eighteenth century.

Different samples of the rich cultural and natural heritage of the area make up the attractive coastal scenery, where you can see signs of the evolution of lifestyles and natural resource exploitation.

Unfortunately the attached brochure is only in Spanish, however the map gives you a quite good idea of the path.

Distance/Time: Route: Linear
Distance: 5,9 km
Estimated time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty: Low
Los Escullos – Cala Higuera

Vela Blanca Route

Hiking tour of one hour and 30 minutes through the stunning landscape of Cabo de Gata nature park in Andalusia, Spain.

This route leads through places that stun even those who have already been here.

The landscapes of Cape Gata always fueled myths and legends among sailors and people living on land – something that won’t surprise you when you get there. The natural details of the landscape, especially the geological, botanical or zoological ones, do not disappoint even experts.

Approaching this area from the sea and having passed the ‘reef of the finger’ one understands its name, “Vela Blanca”, since the white zone resembles a sailing ship.

(Unfortunately the attached brochure is only in Spanish, however the map gives you an idea how to get there and which path to take.)

Distance/Time: Route: Linear
Distance: 3,4 km
Estimated time: 1 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty: Low
Monsul – Barranco de la Parra – Las Sirenas

Scuba diving in Cabo de Gata

The marine reserve of Cabo de Gata is an ideal place for scuba diving since the waters are generally calm, rich in marine life and the visibility is excellent.

The 63 kilometres of coastline in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve are a genuine paradise for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Thanks to the excellent underwater visibility, the mild temperature of the water from January to December, the calmness of the sea, and over a thousand animal and plant species on the sea bed, this area is a popular choice for diving fans.

But remember, the park is a protected nature area. So if you decide to practise scuba diving on your own, you will need to obtain a permit from the Environment Department of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

Festivals and Events

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