Winery trips. Visit the best designed bodegas in Spain. Prestigious architects create wonders for the world of wine.

We are conscious that wine is not only a beverage made out of grapes. Wine is the reflection of hard work, care, and everything that surrounds the process. The bodega is one more aspect that instils its personality to wine.

Here we present the top 10 of the best designed bodegas in Spain. To continue your wine trip with great taste and a private treat, we´ll suggest you the most charming boutique hotels nearby the multiple bodegas.


Let´s organize by regions:



NORTH SPAIN (Rioja, Navarre & Basque Country)

1- Lopez de Heredia Viña Tondonia

Located in Haro, Rioja, the extension work of  bodegas López de Heredia, has been designed by the also famous and awarded Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.

Everything happened because there was a resolution to create a new and innovative stand to cover the modernist one used by the great-grandfather of the actual owners in the “Universal Expo in Brussels” (1910).

2- Ysios

The bodega Ysios is part of grupo Domecq, one of the biggest quality Spanish wines makers and exporters located in Rioja. This company also is the leader of the Rioja Denomination.

As curiosity, the name Ysios comes from the goddess Isis, protector of nature and the one who watched over the vineyards to ensure a prosperous grape harvest and its consequent production of wine.

3- Señorio de Arinzano

This winery is in Abenin, Navarre, and built surrounding a defensive tower from the 16th century, a farmhouse from the 18th century and a neoclassic chapel. Made out of concrete it´s, based on what the architect says, a “landscape-friendly bodega”.

4- Señorio de Otazu

This bodega in Navarre, first built in 1860, was renewed with the most modern technologies in order to make easier the process of producing wine. Architects meant to preserve what´s still up from the 12th century domain, with a structure similar to the famous French châteaux.

The winery is located in a country property with a palace from the 16th century.

5- Marques de Riscal

It´s in Elciego, Basque Country, a little town famous for its “City of wine” project, in which the oldest bodega in La Rioja, bodega de Marqués de Riscal (1858), plays an important role. Apart from that, what stands out among all the vineyards is the new building, designed by the prestigious Canadian architect Frank Gehry (Guggenheim museum, Bilbao)

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NORTH-EAST SPAIN (Aragon & Catalonia)

6- Irius

This bodega, in Barbastro, Aragon, has been designed by the prestigious architect Jesús Marino Pascual. It´s a project in which some steel cubes emerge among all vineyards in order to highlight the concept of “cultural object”. Inside the IRIUS complex there are tasting rooms, a conference hall and an innovative eno-shop with a restaurant.

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7- Freixenet

In Sant Sadurní d´Anoia, Catalonia, it´s probably the most famous cava bodega in Spain. Its history dates back to 1861.

In 1927 the architect Josep Ros i Ros designed the Cavas Freixenet projecting five different warehouses with varied styles.

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CENTRE SPAIN (Castile-Leon & Castile-La Mancha)

8- Protos

Designed by the prestigious Richard Rogers & Partners and also by Alonso Balaguer & asociados, this new winery pretends to respect its surroundings. With this purpose, Rogers wanted to maintain the original structure and improve it by adding new architectural elements to make the building functional and effective.

You can find it in Peñafiel, Castile-Leon.

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9- Bodegas Real

The winery Bodegas Real, located in Valdepeñas, Castile-La Mancha, where the most famous cult figure of this area of Spain is the novel character “Don Quixote”. He brings many people every year, interested in the world that surrounds his famous adventures.

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SOUTH SPAIN (Andalusia)

10-Real Bodega de la Concha (TIO PEPE)

In Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Andalusia. It belongs to the famous bodega TIO PEPE. Pojected by the engineer Joseph Coogan based on sketches of the very famous Gustav Eiffel. It was started up in 1869 to honour the Queen of Spain Elisabeth II (Isabel II).

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The information and pictures about the bodegas were taken from ABC VIAJAR