You will have noticed that all our hotels have the name Boutique Hotel, but do you know what this concept is and how it came about?

The boutique hotel concept was created in the 80s in New York and was characterized by a special location, service and design. It wasn’t until the late 90s when it eventually expanded throughout the rest of the world. Boutique hotels, as opposed to large hotel chains, seek out a style and character of their own.

This type of hotel has small number of rooms, in the case of Boutique Hotels Spain  we don’t exceed a maximum of 25 rooms per hotel. The interior design of our rooms focuses on paying great attention to detail to make unique and comfortable spaces, where the guest feels at ease while providing the privacy you are looking for.

The location of these hotels is also key. They are not necessarily located in urban areas, rather they become a special oasis with a certain magic and beauty given to them by their surroundings. Among our selection of hotels you have a wide choice of destinations throughout Spain: cosmopolitan or rural, beach or mountain.

The architecture of the buildings that house our hotels is also an aspect that differentiates them. They are an inheritance of a past History and Life  castles, mansions, palaces, fortresses … Their walls house stories that transport us to another time. Stories, which our hosts and hostesses will be happy to share with you.

Sharing these and many other things, because sharing is for us not only a way of understanding you but also of treating you. You will become both our guest and friend. We value the treatment and attention you deserve, totally personalised, based on exclusivity and professionalism.

For this reason, at our hotels we can tailor our plans to meet your needs, in order to make your stay an unforgettable experience. We try to anticipate your wishes as a client, but if there is any activity you would especially like to do which doesn’t appear among our services you just have to let us know and we will do all we can to make it happen.

Another fundamental aspect of a boutique hotel is the quality of the cuisine it offers at its breakfast, lunch and dinner services, each hotel with its own identity. Some of our restaurants and their chefs are a benchmark for national and international cuisine. For us the cuisine that we offer and how we present our dishes is very important. We want you to enjoy a gastronomic experience with all 5 senses, based on the concepts of KM 0 and slowfood that is to say local produce savoured in the unrushed manner that it deserves.

We have so many things to tell you, that only one post is not enough … That’s why, the best way to do so is to invite you to discover it with your own eyes and experience it for yourselves.

Here at Boutique Hotels Spain we are waiting for you!