Tourism is an active and continuously developing sector that never stops adapting and reinventing itself by generating new forms of travel. These new tendencies show us novel ways to travel, … like Glamping for example. If you’re still not in the know, this week we’ll reveal all its secrets: what it is, as well as how and where you can enjoy it… Are you ready? Welcome to GAMPLING!

Luxury in the midst of nature“, those 6 words perfectly define this rapidly growing trend. Although it is by no means a recent invention it remains relatively unknown; it is, however, quickly gaining a strong following and there are more and more destinations offering this type of tourism. 

The term glampling, comes from a combination of the words: glamour and camping, and was coined at the end of the 19th century by some of the great explorers of that time, such as Gordon Laing, Verney Cameron or David Livingstone. Thanks to their travels, they opened-up the previously undreamt-of possibility of tourism throughout the African continent a territory until then unknown to Europeans. Although it was around this time that the word glamping was first used to denote this new tendency; that of travelling without skimping on luxury, it is a concept that goes back even further to the journeys made by kings and nobles back in the Middle Ages when caravans of seemingly infinite length transported all manner of goods, furniture and personal belongings, to create luxurious “mobile” palaces.

Currently, the term glamping refers to accommodation that boasts the luxury of a 5-star hotel but within an unusual and incomparable setting such as nature reserves, exotic beaches, arid deserts or at the top of a mountain. In addition, all construction is based on sustainable materials harmoniously integrated into the landscape, protecting the guest from the elements while providing a window into nature which puts you centre stage.

Picnic experience. Boutique Hotel Palacio de Cutre

Modern tents, unusual log cabins, light bubbles to see the stars, igloos, teepees and a long etc. Different types of accommodation, each one more ingenious and creative than the last, offering the tourist a unique experience of and contact with nature, but with all the luxuries and services one could ask for: King Size bed, fullyfuctioning bathrooms, fireplaces, private terraces, jacuzzis… and absolute privacy and exclusivity.

One of the main characteristics of this type of accommodation is that they are ecological, as their construction is based on the use of all kinds of organic materials (wood, straw, textiles etc.) and uses renewable and self-produced energies to reduce their environmental impact. Their other great feature and benefit in turn; is their location, as they tend to be in unusual locations, where the construction of a conventional hotel would be unthinkable due to the lay of the land and the limits this places upon conventional architecture… they can also address the problem of visual impact conventional buildings would pose.

After all the praises that we have espoused for glamping, we assume you’re looking forward to experiencing it first-hand. Well, you don’t have to go far to enjoy this new trend, because at Boutique Hotels Spain we can offer you our best Glamping at the Bárdenas Reales Desert in Navarra, one of the most fascinating nature parks in Spain. Its rock formations of clay, gypsum and sandstone carved by wind erosion are the main attraction of this park which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve.

The Hotel Aire de Bárdenas combines nature, design, comfort as well as fine gastronomy. It is literally an oasis in the middle of the desert, which will captivate you under its starry mantle making your experience a delight. Enjoy its bubble-shaped lunar bases, you’ll think you’ve landed on the Moon! 

Lunar base experience. Boutique Hotel Aire de Bárdenas.

Join us at Boutique Hotels Spain and enjoy glamping in its purest and most sophisticated form!