Uncastillo: history, culture, traditions, natural environment, Mediterranean diet, Somontano wines & wineries

Uncastillo has been named as the village with “the finest collection of 12th century Romanesque architecture in Spain”. Its friendly and kind inhabitants will always surprise the visitors, who will feel as one more belonging person among the walls of this village.

In 1966 Uncastillo was oficialy declared a place of “Historical and Artistic Interest”. It has several Romanesque buildings, including the Parish church of St. Martin, the Parish church of Santa Maria, the churches of San Felices, San Andrés and San Juan. Other sights of interest include the Castle and the Palace of Peter IV (14th century).

Medieval synagogue in Uncastillo


There is also a Jewish suburb, witness of the importance of this culture in the past. Not too long from the village you will find an old well shaft where the inhabitants used to keep the ice and snow of winter to preserve their foodstuffs fresh for longer periods of time.

Close to the little village Layana, Uncastillo also has very important remains of a Roman villa in which you can still see many pillars, part of the ancient aqueduct that crossed through this villa to obtain water from the river Arba. This location is called BAÑALES.



To be able to find the very well preserved Castle of Sibirana (10th Century) you must be a little adventurous and go there with a good car or even hiking since it´s located in the middle of the mountain range Santo Domingo, close to another recommended area to visit: Luesia.

Uncastillo has then the important denomination of “Historical and Artistic Site” because all the buidings and constructions are of inestimable value and mean a great heritage for the world.

Among the traditional celebrations, we recommend three very different ones:

  • Fiesta of Bañales; people go to the Roman location and have brunch with family and friends (last sunday of May)
  • Fiesta of the 50 Knights, Medieval celebration to honor the 50 knights from Uncastillo and Navarra who were executed in Cordoba under the command of Almanzor the calliph. (July)
  • Main Fiestas; in honor of the Patron Saint; The Virgin of the mount Saint Christopher (8 September)

If you love wine, you will enjoy Uncastillo. It´s located close to Somontano “Protected Designations of Origin” by the European Union regulations. In addition to that, there is an eco-friendly winery in Uncastillo, Uncastellum is its name. You will be surprised by the taste and nuances that this region of wine can offer to you.

Uncastillo is located in the Pre-Pyrenees mountain range, so it´s surrounded by nothing but nature. Around the village you´ll be able to find many different hiking trails to choose, here you can find them.




If you are looking for a unique and exclusive accommodation you will be pleased to discover Posada La Pastora, our boutique hotel situated in Uncastillo (province of Zaragoza). It is a lost paradise.

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Don´t be afraid if you happen to find fantasy creatures along your stroll through the medieval alleys and buildings. They have been resting here peacefully the last centuries.

Laura Checa