More and more people are choosing to travel with their pet. They are one of the family and, as such have every right to be included in our holiday and leisure plans. For this very reason many establishments have joined the initiative and allow pets in their facilities.

Enjoying the company of your favourite furry friend is invaluable for any animal lover … and their presence will surely only enhance your holiday and provide you with unforgettable memories.

At Boutique Hotels Spain, a large number of our hotels welcome pets and even offer activities adapted to them so that they can also enjoy their stay. To easily identify these hotels on our website, we have created a distinctive symbol that is displayed in the information section for each hotel, so it will be easy for you to recognize which hotels are pet friendly.

Spain is the perfect tourist destination for travelling with pets, and if you don’t believe us just ask Pipper, the first canine ambassador for dog friendly ​​tourism. We love this initiative to promote pet friendly tourism and from Boutique Hotels Spain we would love to invite “Pipper on tour” to visit our network of boutique hotels. During the next few months, until May 2019, this endearing little dog will travel to the country’s TOP 50 most emblematic destinations on his route through Spain.

It is best to be open minded and supportive of an inclusive change in this sense, since according to data ten million Spaniards now have dogs. This initiative to allow pets access to a variety of places and situations can help many of the aforementioned people plan their holidays in the company of their pets.

So, we take this opportunity to pass on some boutique tips for those who choose to travel with their pet:


First of all, think about your pet when choosing your destination. Not all destinations are suitable for them, because some can be very stressful. Think of a location which your pet can enjoy as much as you can, taking into account the weather and surroundings, as well as the activities that you can do together. Find out beforehand about the facilities or restrictions that you will find upon arrival at your destination.


The most appropriate thing is that your pet travels in a carrier, even if you travel in your own car. It is safest for everyone, in the case of a collision it will be protected and will avoid being thrown around. If you travel by other means of transport such as plane, bus, boat or train, consult the specific rules of the different carriers.


Don’t forget to prepare your pet’s luggage, you will need its lead, a toy, food and treats, containers for eating and drinking, their poop bags, their bed, their litter box if applicable, medication if they suffer from travel sickness, etc. We recommend that you write your phone number on their collar, as if they get lost, it will be much quicker to contact you and will significantly shorten what can be a stressful situation.


Just as you prepare your own documentation and make sure it is in order when you travel, logically, you must do the same with your pet’s documentation (health certificates and identification documentation).


As we mentioned earlier the number of establishments that welcome pets is on the increase. That’s why you can choose between hotels, hostels, rural houses rural, campsites, etc. Find out about the rules or requirements of each establishment beforehand for an incident free stay and for the benefit of all guests. At our pet friendly hotels, the rooms usually come equipped to welcome your pet with feeding and drinking bowls, a bed or basket and even a welcome treat! We also offer our guests information about suitable activities to enjoy together, walking areas … The only thing we ask you is that you respect the other guests and that you take full responsibility for your pet, because in their eyes you are the figure of maximum authority. Only then can we all enjoy an unbeatable stay … Like that of Eros and Christian, Dogfriendlytraveler, at our Boutique Hotel Molino de Alcuneza.

If you are planning your holidays in the company of your pet, at Boutique Hotels Spain you will be well received. We hope to be your destination of choice! Discover our network of charming hotels, friendly to pets and their special requirements. We are sure that you will find a hotel that will give you paws for thought!