The biggest day in Toledo: Corpus Christi.

There is a popular saying in Spain that could be translated as: “There are three days in the year shinier than the sun: Maundy Thursday, Corpus Christi and the Ascension Day”

Corpus Christi

Corpus ChristiBut for the city of Toledo and its citizens, is Corpus Christi the biggest day. Based on the tradition, it´s celebrated the ninth week after Easter Sunday, between the end of May and the beginning of June. Toledo gets itself decked out days before by embellishing the balconies with canopies, flags and banners. The streets covered with many kinds of coloured cloth which look like artificial skies ready to protect the Custodia (custody, guard that heads the march through the streets). Everything is ready on Thursday, the day of Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Streetlights, garlands, stained glass and other traditional decorative items are set up along the streets where the Eucharist marches.  The previous day the way is perfumed by spreading out smelling herbs such as rosemary, thyme or lavender all over the surface, making real aromatic carpets.


Once everything is in order for Corpus Thursday, the Custodia, indisputable key participant of the celebration, gets out of the cathedral accompanied by a total silence and under the custody of many brotherhoods which parade through those streets with that special medieval aroma.


The intense incense smell blends with the essences of the smelling herbs and the petals thrown as the Custodia goes by; the sound of the canticles and the music merge to create a unique atmosphere, only experienced in Toledo, a memorable scene where aromas, sounds and colours rival each other to turn the city the most beautiful of all.


Let´s know a little more about TOLEDO

Toledo is one of the most important cities in Spain, with the greatest wealth of important monuments.

Known as the “city of the three cultures”, the Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together in perfect union for centuries. Behind its walls, Toledo preserves one of the best artistic and cultural legacy in the form of churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues.

This great diversity of artistic styles makes this city, the most important during the Middle Ages, a real open-air museum, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

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Whatever you decide to do, don´t ever forget to enjoy your time in Spain! 😉