This week at Boutique Hotels Spain we bring you a very cultural plan, perfect for lovers of theatre and literature … and also of architecture. What a combination! If you are looking for something to do in the next few days, your next destination should be Almagro, Ciudad Real.

Cae la noche en Almagro

Almagro opens its doors from 5th to 29th July with the 41st EDITION OF THE ALMAGRO INTERNATIONAL CLASSICAL THEATRE FESTIVAL. A meeting point where directors, producers, actors, set designers, technicians, journalists, researchers … converge and showcase their shared passion for classical theatre.

Corral de las Comedias, Almagro

The now famous “Corral de Comedias” or Courtyard theatre of Almagro was the starting point of this festival. It provides an impressive architectural backdrop for performances of sixteenth and seventeenth centuries plays, and today is the best preserved from Spain´s Golden Age.

During the festival, the city of Almagro, which was declared a Site of Historic-Artistic importance in 1972, becomes a huge stage where verses and words coming from all over the world flood its theatres, streets, squares and gardens. The magic of theatre takes over every corner of the city.

Currently the Almagro International Classical Theatre Festival is considered the most important in the world within its specialty, classical theatre of the XVI and XVII centuries from both the east and west. Around 60,000 people gather for each edition to attend more than a hundred performances, meetings and cultural and pedagogical activities, programmed during this month. Its international character has generated a varied program that gathers spectators from all over the world and of all ages.

This festival is a clear example of the evolution and commitment of the performing arts to incorporating new disciplines and developing new interpretive languages.

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We hope to be your destination of choice! See you between performances!