Spanish World Heritage Cities

Spanish World Heritage Cities

Spain has 15 cities catalogued as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. With the addition of so many other monuments and areas of outstanding natural beauty, Spain is ranked third in the world in terms of cultural heritage.

Today, at Boutique Hotels Spain, we are going to tell you about our two favourite cities; both of which are not to be missed:

Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña – Galicia)

Santiago is a city made to measure for hikers; it is widely known as the final destination of pilgrims following the Camino de Santiago or the Way of Saint James. However, it is a city which is significant from not just a religious perspective but also from a cultural one…. it frequently serves as a meeting point for visitors from all corners of the globe making it an open, welcoming, multicultural and cosmopolitan city. It was declared a Cultural World Heritage Site in 1985 due to its great monumental and artistic legacy and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In the year 2000 it was declared “European City of Culture“; and along with the Camino de Santiago or The Way of Saint James has been recognized as First on the European Council’s List of Cultural Routes.

Camino Santiago

Walking through Santiago will slowly reveal a cultural treasure trove: quaint streets and stunning squares that house palaces, monasteries and temples… the most spectacular of which is the Cathedral. It dates from the 9th century when it began life as a basilica and with the passage of the centuries has been added to resulting in the magnificent cathedral that we enjoy today. It is in equal parts Romanesque (its origin), Gothic, Renaissance, baroque and neoclassical.

We invite you to discover this fantastic city more closely from our Boutique Hotel Altaïr, conveniently located in the old town of Santiago de Compostela, just a few metres from the Cathedral of Santiago. Enjoy a getaway and experience Santiago in 48 hours!

Toledo (Castilla La Mancha)

The City of Kings and synonymous with History. Toledo is a city in which throughout the centuries has been home to different cultures: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. It is for this reason that is known as the City of Three Cultures and is seen as an example of coexistence and tolerance. It has an immeasurable architectural richness, a fitting legacy left by all of these cultures. Highlights include the Alcazar, the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, the Museum of Santa Cruz or the House-Museum of El Greco, among other monuments. It has been the birth place of artists, novelists and poets who expound upon the great beauty of the city in their works.

Toledo is a city to experience and enjoy in a leisurely manner as it has so much to offer that it will have you longing to return before you have even left. It is a dynamic city, in constant growth, which is becoming ever increasingly valued for its cultural and artistic heritage. A great city where culture, history and innovation go hand in hand. You can experience all of the aforementioned and more thanks to our Boutique Hotel La Salve, just a few kilometres from the capital, in Torrijos. You will find it to be an oasis of peace and tranquillity a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle that you will experience during the day in your visits to Toledo.

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