Spanish brand even at the Antipodes.

Spanish brand logo.



It´s always good to know that the name of Spain is being taken seriously around the world.

It makes us very happy at Boutique Hotels Spain to know that we help to enrich Spain´s name thanks to our Blog, in which we talk about tourism of Spain focused on three main pillars; gastronomy, culture and holiday plans.

Our contribution to the Spanish brand:

In this case, the post that called the attention at the antipodes was our post dedicated to the increasing wine tourism; what the best regions are, this time centered on the most famous one; La Rioja, and the best boutique hotel to stay there; The Gastronomic Hotel Echaurren.

Spanish brand, winery trips

It couldn´t have gone further than Australia, but there are we. The Australian online magazine Insight Files took notes on how it´s being done in Spain, so thank you tourism and culture colleagues from the other side of the world, we´ll keep an eye on you! 😉


Spanish brand