The Good Life in Spain

In the 60’s a very famous campaign introduced Spain to the rest of the world. It claimed “Spain is different”. It meant that the postwar isolation was over but also that Spain wanted to share an unparalleled rich culture. Spain continues to be different, but how? 50 years ago we just offered you “sun and beach” but now you may find much more.

Boutique Hotels Spain is a collection of small luxury hotels indented in parts of Spain that you would never have heard of in mainstream channels. They strive to give you a different offer both in relax and tourism. There, you may get to know what the true secret of Spain is, the good life. A humble proxy to a material concept of happiness and the goal for everybody. Even if life is always hard, Spaniards try and get to live very well.

view of a tapas bar in Spain, good life

Our geography lets you visit places with many different sceneries: high mountains and peaks, sand and stone deserts, green valleys, plateaus, long beaches, isolated coves, wild rivers… Moving around means a radical change of scenery and climate. The Spanish weather might be freezing cold or blazing hot; the rain too heavy in the North and draughts severe in the South but diversity is a reward that keeps people entertained and grateful.

sunset view in Ordesa Valley Spain, good life

As living your life is essential, our Mediterranean diet lets you live longer. There is no point at travelling to Spain without experiencing its full taste. You will always find something good for you no matter what your tastes are. And you can share the joy of life together with locals in our colorful bars and restaurants.

For many years we have made our best to keep our patrimony in good shape. A difficult task because  you will be visiting a millenary country where lots of civilizations have met. That is why hospitality is a spread custom as Spain is a historical meeting point. We dare you to try to visit all our cultural offer. It is impossible but you will be totally pleased.

All the staff at your service in our Boutique Hotels collection will help you to get the most of your visit, and your life in Spain.

view of generalife in Granada Spain, good life