The small pleasures of winter in Boutique Hotels

The small pleasures of winter in Boutique Hotels

LUMIÑOThe cold days of winter make you feel like curling up, looking for a pleasant spot where you can enjoy the pleasure of reading a good book, admiring the scenery through the window and, above all, enjoying good company.

Without doubt, winter makes you want to get away from the routine while still feeling at home.

Listening to the rain fall while enjoying the heat of a nice fireside is priceless. Sitting in a comfortable armchair in front of the burning flames produces a special atmosphere, which enables you to enjoy the ancestral pleasure of the crackling of firewood. These are magical, captivating moments that are ideal for combining good conversation and a nice glass of wine.

And the truth is that the small pleasures are usually the simplest ones and those that we least appreciate in our everyday life. However, they make us feel good when we have some time for ourselves far from our everyday responsibilities, stress and monotony.

Boutique Hotels feature several establishments with a chimney, where you can enjoy a warm weekend lacking nothing. You can also enjoy a hearty breakfast and sleeping in a comfortable bed when you stay in our charming hotels, which you’ll find hard to leave. Some of them also have their own spa, so that you can feel as relaxed as possible during your stay and unwind the way you deserve.

We take care of all the details and pamper to your every need, so that by the time you leave, you’ll already be planning when to return.