Seville Fair: colours and fun in the South of Spain

Seville fair or April fair, arrvies to Andalusia from 6th to 11th of May, just two weeks after Easter, to bring joy, colours, dances, “sevillanas” (regional songs) and bullfighting. It’s time to take your flamenco dress, go to the streets of “El Royal” (the venue of the fair, in Seville) and socialice with the locals, taste its delicious foods and drinks and enjoy a unique experience that only Spain can provides you.

Thought it’s call “the April fair”, it is not always held in April ( like this year). It’s due to the fact that sometimes, both Easter and the fair happen to meet at the very same time, which is imposible to handle.

Everything will begin at midnight, the 6th of April, when the Mayor will switch on all the lights “el Alumbrao”. Just before it happens, go to a marquee and taste “pescaito frito” (fried fish), cured meets, cheese, prawns or “puntillas” (small fried squid). It’s habitual to drink beer, “rebujito” (manzanilla-dry sherry mixed with lemonade) or “fino” (dry sherry) during the fair days.

The marquees or “casetas”  we have mention before, tourn into the house of the locals during the fair, becaming the place where they eat, drink, live, socialize, dance and sing, because “casetas” are provided of bar, kitchen, music equipment and sometimes even alive music. Most of them are private and you are only allowed to go into if you are a member or a guest, but don’t worry, there are also public ones and an amusement park called “Calle Infierno” where kids will have the time of their lifes.

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Photo source: Flickr David Sim and MasterCov