Plan BoutiqueWeekend: Easter

The weekend plan is back, the BoutiqueWeekend plan! And what a weekend! We have long 4 day weekend ahead of us. If you were thinking about going on a break, we invite you to discover the best places to visit at Easter. Are you coming?

There are corners of Spain that are worth visiting so that you can enjoy in situ some of the most well-known and highly anticipated processions or events. So be prepared, our adventure begins here!

Most widely known is Seville, one of the cities that celebrates Holy Week with the greatest intensity. For more than a week, the streets of the Andalusian capital are filled with the passion and fervor of these holidays. The most spectacular procession is known as “La Madrugá“, which sets off on the night of Holy Thursday and lasts until noon on Friday. The most emblematic figure of this procession is the Virgen de la Macarena. It is important that, if you want to a good view of this emblematic procession, you arrive in good time because the route is lined with crowds in its entirety.

Also of great popularity in Seville, are Saetas. Religious chants, with a flamenco air that are sung to the passing of the statues in the procession. A song that comes from the soul and that fills the streets with fervor and devotion

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A metaphorical stone’s throw away, we also we have Malaga, another place where you can experience the Holy Week celebrations. The procession of the Spanish Legion, who carry the staute of the Cristo de la Buena Muerte (Christ of the Good Death) stands out especially. The most spectacular moment of the procession is that in which the Legionaires, with Christ on their arms, sing a well-known military hymn called “El Novio de la muerte” (The Bridegroom of death). The course nature of their voices in stark contrast to the silence that meets them makes this a unique event to behold.

And if we continue travelling through Andalusia, we arrive in Granada. We can see the Cristo del Silencio (Christ of Silence) or the Cristo de los Gitanos (Christ of the Gypsies) parading through the Sacromonte neighbourhood under the light of the moon with an illuminated Alhambra providing a stunning backdrop. Or the Virgin of the Aurora or of the Conception, along the starlit, winding streets of the Albaycin neighbourhood. The Hotel La Almunia del Valle invites you to discover Granada and the Sierra Nevada and to share with them the enjoyable experience that is Holy Week.

Next we change heading, and travel to Zamora and continue enjoying Easter. The procession of the Cristo Yacente (Recumbent Christ) is of great importance. The figure of the Christ is paraded on a white shroud and illuminated with four candles. In this parade the figures of the “Mayordomos” (Butlers) stand out, carrying heavy weights that touch the ground of the cobbled streets, creating an overwhelming sound to the rhythm of the “Miserere” … One of the most emotional and passionate moments that attracts a multitude of people.

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In addition to its visually spectacular images, the tradition of the drum also makes these celebrations very special in cities such as Calanda, Cuenca, Hellín or Tobarra, where the rumble of drums floods the city day and night as part of many of the acts of Holy Week.