Stop! You’re got that feeling… Your body is asking for a break and your mind agrees. The stress and the pace of everyday life affect your health, your outlook and your happiness in one way or another.

Taking a trip during the holiday period is normally enough to disconnect and take a breather, enjoying a change of surroundings and a little sightseeing. But today we want to go one step further with another type of tourism that has been a growing in popularity for some time now, spiritual retreats or transformational trips.

These kinds of getaways are a different way of travelling, with a deeper purpose than the mere pleasure of travel. It is all about turning the journey into a unique and transcendental experience, in which the focus is on the person, themeself. The retreat has the aim of changing something with which we are no longer happy.

You have reached that turning point. You find yourself in search of emotions and the need to make a change that brings new meaning to life. Spiritual retreats provide a turning point at which to stop, take stock and see where you want to go. Finding answers in; who you are, what you are feeling and what you want to be. Connecting with yourself the environment and the moment. Resolving those issues will help you feel a complete and happy person.

At Boutique Hotels Spain we offer a wide range of this type of getaway, periodically organized by our charming hotels.

Join us in learning how to use the right tools to grow, change and set new personal goals. Improve aspects of your life such as your health, finding inner peace and balance, increasing your inner strength and getting rid of your fears.

Are you interested in a Boutique Hotels Spain retreat? Upcoming dates on the calendar:

“Bonding: Conscious Sexuality in the Couple” RETREAT

Nuria and Jordi, hosts of La Garriga del Castelladral, never cease to surprise us with their incredibly carefully selected range of activities and workshops that provide a valuable plus to any getaway. The care and attention that goes into everything that they offer is widely recognised and for that reason these are always hugely popular breaks.

Today we are going to talk to you about an interesting weekend retreat they have prepared for November. Two days dedicated to bonding and couple work, personal and shared sexuality, a course which goes beyond the physical, as well as including body self-awareness, caring for oneself, and so on.

This course is based on the Organic Sexuality method created by Anna Herms, who together with Jordi Font, will be lead the course. A total of 15 hours in which an environment of caring and intimacy is observed at all times.

If you want to enjoy and explore this beautiful experience with your partner… Hurry, it’s filling up fast! They are just about ready to put up the “FULLY BOOKED” sign.

When? From 9th to 10th November 2019.

Where? In the Boutique Hotel La Garriga de Castelladral, in Castelladral (Barcelona)

+info: Programme and price.

“Changing Leaves” RETREAT

Diana and John, hosts of Los Castaños, are offering up this generous and extensive 4-day retreat, which they have prepared with Emily HullandBody, Mind and Soul Retreats” at the end of November. Taking full advantage of the fact that we are in autumn, Changing Leaves is a declaration of intent for personal and spiritual change and renewal.

On this retreat, you will enjoy a few days focused on gaining holistic knowledge and personal care in the form of practising the philosophy of mindfulness. The varied activities, led by professional experts are specially chosen to help you in engage with and advance in this philosophy. They range from food, meditation and introspection, psychotherapy workshops, natural beauty treatments, wellness and massages, as well as yoga and pilates, walks to better appreciate our relationship with nature and the benefits that this connection can bring into our lives. You can attend by yourself as well as with your partner, but be advised that the group is very small, with a maximum of 8 people in order to be able to dedicate special attention to each of the attendees.


If you want to change an aspect of your life, perhaps this retreat will help you achieve this renewal, starting from the inside. So don’t miss the opportunity and make your reservation!

When? From 25th to 28th November 2019.

Where? At the Boutique Hotel Los Castaños, in Cartajima (Málaga)

+info: Programme and price.