Our hosts, the essence of Boutique Hotels Spain

Our hosts, the essence of Boutique Hotels Spain

Are you looking for special treatment in small charming destinations?
At Boutique Hotel Spain we are different and we are fully dedicated to you, the guest. If you want truly special treatment at the best and most charming hotels of the peninsula, the hosts of Boutique Hotels Spain have prepared numerous unique and unforgettable experiences for you, their guest.

Not only will they pamper you, they will take care of you as well as help you… and they won’t fail to miss even the smallest detail of your trip. But let’s learn a little more about the figure of the HOST and their essential role in our hotels so that you can understand how they can help you and make your trip unique and personal.

According to the dictionary, a host is a person who has guests to stay at their home, especially when they look after them properly and give them their full attention. But in our hotels the host is something more than that, THEY ARE THE PERFECT LINK BETWEEN THE DESTINATION AND CLIENT, THEY ARE THE JOINING THREAD OF OUR TRIP. The reception of guests at our hotels is done in a very personalised way, establishing and developing a close and personal relationship with each one of the guests, making them feel comfortable and at home.

All the small details of your stay are taken care of with the intention of making you feel comfortable, welcome and as if you were part of the family. As well as the hospitality at the hotel, the host is a true expert in knowing the places of interest and charms of your destination, making your stay and your trip both easier and more enjoyable. They can explain routes, fascinating places to discover, places to eat …, all in all, they show you the authentic and genuine side of your destination through their experience, knowledge and love of the area. They will go out of their way to make sure you have a wonderful stay and that you leave having had a truly memorable experience.

The goal of OUR HOSTS is to enrich your trip and make sure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest during your stay. That’s why, at the heart of Boutique Hotels Spain you will find: Félix y Francis, Gemma y Salva, CarmenDi y John, Anja y Nando, Marian, Ángel, Gloria, Carlos, Teresa, Nacho y Yolanda, Iván, Joaquín y Adriana, Juan y Mª Ángeles, Ángel V., Albert y Montse, Javier, Óscar y Victoria, Dario, Jose Antonio, Joan, Norman, Blanca y Samuel, Andrés y Rosa, Carlos y Natalia, José y Gustavo, Anna, Gregorio y Javier, Manolo, Patricia, Javi, Piers y Jemma, Nacho y Julio… all there to make your trip an unforgettable one.

Welcome traveler! You have the door of Boutique Hotels Spain open for you… Now, only enjoy your stay.