With the arrival of autumn our palate prepares to taste one of the finest delicacies of the season: mushrooms.

Thanks to the late summer rain, forests and mountains all over Spain will become a wonderful “pantry” in which we can find an infinite variety of edible mushrooms that, after passing through the kitchen, become authentic delicacies.

Two of the most sought-after varieties of the season are:

  •  The Boletus mushroom, which is characterized by its large white trunk and its brown coloured cap. Its aroma and intense flavour make it the perfect companion for meats and foie gras.
  • Rebollones or Níscalos, can be recognised by their characteristic orange colour. They are an extraordinary addition to stews and meats.

But in addition to their incredible taste, mushrooms are a perfect food for our diet due to their low fat content and very high percentage of water. Although there are varieties that can be found all year round, autumn is the season par excellence to consume them. Their great versatility in the kitchen allows you to taste them in an infinite number of guises such as: stews, purees, sautéed… All of which will have you coming back for more!

Here at Boutique Hotels Spain we are going to propose different ways for you to enjoy these delicacies prepared in our finest  kitchens:


The Hotel Molino  de Alcuneza in the medieval city of Sigüenza (Guadalajara), has an incredible restaurant in which they follow the Slow Food philosophy. Its cuisine is a return to origins but with a tilt of the hat to modernity. The pillars of their creations are local produce and meticulously prepared market cuisine.  In addition to offering us the finest gastronomy, its magnificent facilities are the perfect place to relax.


In line with the Slow Food movement, the hotel La torre del Visco in the region of Matarraña (Teruel), serves a purified traditional cuisine, based on organic products grown on the farm itself. Slow cooked stews, roasted meats, stewed vegetables and the best mushrooms in the area. In addition to its exquisite cuisine, its location off the beaten path allows you to enjoy the sublime spectacle of clear and starry night skies.


La Rioja opens its doors and the Gastronomic Hotel Echaurren awaits you with open arms to enjoy the best gastronomy in the area. Endorsed by two Michelin Stars, its cuisine is full of local products and creativity, combining ingenuity and exquisite tastes in the elaboration of their dishes. And of course in this season the fantastic mushrooms of the areas of Ezcaray and Igea are not lacking in their cuisine.

Boutique Hotels Spain is much more than just a group of enchanting hotels: it is the taste for nuances, the pleasure of aromas, but above all, the taste of the authentic. Are you ready to savour the experience?