La Almunia del Valle. A perfect boutique hotel to spend your holiday in Andalusia, Southern Spain.

If there´s something I like thinking about, that´s travelling.

The emotion of picking the destination, imagining new streets, mountains… other colours in the little stores I go by, a whole new range of sounds in the bars, the terraces, the markets, smells in hotels, restaurants, coasts . Another way of feeling time go by…

It still captivates me walking through places where I had never been before and feel comfortable, free and happy to have the ability to enjoy all that Earth provides to us, kept through history and waiting to be discovered by me.

May be that´s the reason why I take very much care of not disappointing the emotion of that first impact when our guests arrive at our boutique hotel La Almunia del Valle. A smile, a warm welcome, and my dog Cris doing the honours of welcoming too. Everything is ready to host them with great pleasure.

That first moment is unique and impossible to repeat. It will leave an impression in the traveller’s mind, locating that moment on a place, his destination.

We enjoy hosting as much as we love travelling, it´s a mutual understanding between the people coming to La Almunia del Valle in Granada, Andalusia, and us.

Andalusia is the land of encounters, expectations, dreams, emotions, moments, laughter and friends. It´s a place to receive and share. A place of hosts and travellers.

Patricia y José Manuel, los propietarios


Patricia Merino

Propietario del hotel boutique La Almunia del Valle, en Granada