Time for the Grape Harvest in Spain: A Walk in the Clouds

Grape harvest in SpainWe have almost left the warm Spanish summer behind and are now entering the season of food and drink. The autumn features the best dishes of Spanish gastronomy and marks the beginning of the grape harvest: the bunches of grapes have to be collected and left to ferment to produce next year’s delicious Spanish wine. The Iberian Peninsula’s wine serves large-scale industry, but a handful of small winemakers still keep the secret of wine. A tour around these traditional wineries has a lot of surprises in store. We will come across places of special charm thanks to their nature conservation and heritage: traditional wineries usually make the most of old caves to store wine using modern techniques. Moreover, wine-growing regions were the first to receive inhabitants during the population crisis of the high Middle Ages, which means that they have a rich history that can still be seen today. Beautiful valleys of tranquillity, where the ochre colour of the leaves combines with the sculpted stone of the Romanesque period and the mists of autumn. It is time for the grape harvest; let us go for a walk in the clouds.

Boutique Hotels Spain includes a selection of establishments that have close links with the grape harvest. A unique time to explore Spain and enjoy the mild climate of Vendémiaire.

Hotel Torre del Visco (Teruel province, Aragon region)
One of Torre del Visco’s main attractions is its winery, which features an interesting and extensive selection of Spanish wines, premium gins, malt whiskies and Armagnac. It is also one of the hotels where you can experience first-hand the slow food philosophy: the Torre del Visco restaurant is supplied by its own vegetable garden, which means that the restaurant’s menu features fresh, seasonal cuisine.

Torre del Visco hotel

Hotel La Salve (Toledo province, Castile-La Mancha region)
This hotel is located in one of Spain’s most beautiful and magical cities. Toledo is located in a wine-growing region par excellence. La Salve’s restaurant, El Borbollón, provides an avant-garde touch to this selection of La Mancha products and features an extensive wine list. During the time of the grape harvest, we can make the most of the hotel’s winery tours to visit the area’s wine-making establishments.

Spa Hotel La Salve

Hotel El Milano Real (Ávila province, Castile-Leon region)
A hotel located near the entrance to Gredos Park, a privileged area in Sierra de Gredos, a few kilometres from the vineyards of the Castile-Leon and Madrid designations of origin. The hotel’s restaurant is supplied by local produce and its speciality is mushroom dishes, accompanied by an extensive wine list.

Milano Real Hotel

Casa Grande da Fervenza (Lugo province, Galicia region)
The hotel is a real “forest house.” This rural house is located in the middle of an oak, chestnut and birch grove on the banks of the Miño River. The house’s owners are proud of their wine list, made up of famous “auteur wines.” Galicia, despite being a relatively small region, has a good number of winemakers that are fully devoted to producing unique, quality wine, just like Burgundy’s small-scale vine growers.

Casa Grande da Fervenza Hotel

Can Boix de Peramola Gastronomy Hotel (Lleida province, Catalonia region)
This hotel is very close to the Pyrenees, so that its main attraction is gastronomy tourism and its natural heritage. It has one of Boutique Hotels Spain’s most extensive wine and liquor lists, with more than 400 entries. Can Boix de Peramola’s restaurant is another important attraction, because it features auteur cuisine based on seasonal local produce as well as amazing quality and variety.

Can Boix de Peramola Gastronomic Hotel

Hotel Aire de Bardenas (Navarre region)
The Navarre region combines fertile agricultural land and well-preserved nature. One of its attractions is wine. This is another vine-growing region, so we can enjoy tasting sessions featuring Navarre wines, oil tastings, winery tours and tapas routes.

Aire de Bardenas hotel

La Casa del Rector (Sigüenza, Guadalajara province, Castile-La Mancha region)
Our final stop is the land of Don Quixote. This hotel is to be found in the locality of Almagro, whose old town has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site. It also features an important winery, Amadís de Gaula, which produces a bold, creative wine. The hotel organises cultural and wine tourism routes.

La Casa del Rector Hotel