Family Boutique Hotel in Barcelona: nature, relax and rural tourism

Welcome to La Garriga de Castelladral, our family boutique hotel in the middle of nowhere in nature but, even so, it´s no more than an hour away from Barcelona city centre or to the airport.

 Family Boutique Hotel

Our Family

It was a very cold January afternoon when my parents talked to me about a new place where we would visit the old house they had just bought. I recall the moment I got there for the first time so vividly as it happened just a day ago; the first feeling of being there, the mysterious view of the mountain of Montserrat… that place evoked something special which couldn´t let anyone indifferent.

 Family Boutique Hotel

The antiquated house was a mess; damaged, without ceiling and herbs everywhere covering the whole front part in a way it was impossible to even have a glimpse of the ancient stones full of history.

family boutique hotel

It was a hard work that took us several years, but we struggled through different projects and ideas until we became what we are now.

Today La Garriga de Castelladral is a little rural paradise surrounded by nature, it´s our home, our workplace, the place where we let our creativity grow and develop, where our dreams flow. This place is the nexus that keeps our family together.


La Garriga symbolizes the important values of our family: love for nature, to find beauty in the little things and details, excellence, commitment and dedication, quietness, passion for gastronomy, simplicity, consistency, respect and familiar union.