With the arrival of good weather and high temperatures, all you really want to do is to cool off! What better way to do so than with a delicious, refreshing cocktail. Any time lends itself to taking a break and savouring the moment … With friends, making the most of a spectacular day on a terrace with beautiful views … A romantic getaway with your partner watching the sunset … By yourself at home, relaxing and enjoying your favorite playlist …

Here from us at Boutique Hotels Spain are 4 of our favorite cocktails, on the house. They are simple and delicious … The choice of where to enjoy them and who with is down to you!




This is one of the most famous Spanish cocktails, and its origin dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. Its name stemming from its colour, comes from the word blood … and some say because of the fiery and passionate character of the Spaniards. There is no single authentic recipe, knowledge of how to make it has been handed down  from generation to generation. Those who worked the land prepared it with locally available ingredients: wine, peaches, apples, citrus fruit, etc. Everybody makes it to their own recipe, adding their “secret touch” making it special and original. It is usually prepared with red wine, two white liquors, sugar, soft drinks, chopped fruit and lots of ice.



This is a concoction similar to the also famous “tinto de verano” (red wine mixed with soda water) but made with “fino de Jerez” a pale dry sherry instead of red wine. It’s a drink which is typical in Andalusia and linked to fairs and pilgrimages and was popularized in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It can be made with pale dry sherry, “manzanilla” another variety of sherry which shares its taste with chamomile tea hence its name, soda water or lemon flavoured soda, spearmint and ice.


The first time this combination was served, was in Valencia in 1959 by Constante Gil, its creator. This recipe was reserved for his customers and remained a well-kept secret for many years. It was not until the 1970s that it became popular with those enjoying the famous Valencian night-life. It’s a party cocktail to be shared in the company of friends, made with cava or champagne, orange juice, sugar (optional), vodka and gin. There is something magical about this combination that makes it the perfect drink …Its taste has a modern and refreshing twist, and reflects the beauty of the sun drenched coast of Valencia, as well as its famous oranges, the typical fruit of this region.

4. POMADA (ointment)

By the name you might think it’s a body cream, but no, it’s a very refreshing cocktail typical of Menorca. The recipe was created by Magí Camps, host of the island in Mahón, half a century ago. This drink is made with Menorcan gin (gin Xoriguer), lemonade, crushed ice and a few mint leaves, stir well and served in a cold glass.

Give some flavour to your summer with these classics in the “homes” of our hosts and hostesses, where if you so wish you will never be left empty handed. Try these and other signature cocktails at Boutique Hotels Spain … We hope to be your most refreshing destination this summer!