We are back with the next installment of our section on routes for film lovers “A Cinematographic Spain”!

In best Hollywood fashion we have kept you waiting, but now we have the second installment of the Game of Thrones Routes. In our previous post we detailed 3 different Routes throughout the North of Spain. Today we are going to show you the other half of this jigsaw puzzle, Routes throughout the South of Spain, again offering you three different options, all taking in locations that have been features in all their glory in the famous HBO series.

Shall we begin? Yes! Well, let’s not waste any more time…

1. Coastal Route – Almeria

We start off in the province of Almeria. Its virgin beaches of fine sand and its amazing climate make it a favoured location for the film industry.

Here in the capital bearing the same name, the Alcazaba of Almería and its walls were chosen to recreate some of the scenes from Dorne, as it also shares the stage with the Alcázar of Seville, a Medieval Muslim fortress that has left us a legacy spanning almost a thousand years of history.

Photo: Andalucía Destino de Cine

A few kilometers inland, we head towards El Chorrillo in the Sierra de Alhamilla mountain range our next stop. This location morphed into a film set, where cardboard buildings merge with an old train station, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. This site provided the location for the city of Vaes Dothrak, in the Dothraki territory.

Next we head to Cabo de Gata, where you can stay over at our Boutique Hotel la Almendra y el Gitano. A luxurious rural cortijo, situated only 5 km from the coast. Located between the beach in Agua Amarga and the playa de los Muertos (beach of the Dead) is the Torre de Mesa Roldán, which was overflown by the dragons in the series. This is where Daenerys stands up to the masters of Meereen before battle begins.

2.  The Guadalquivir Route

This is the longest and most intense route in the South as it runs through two cities on the banks of the Guadalquivir River Seville and Cordoba.

We start in the city of Seville where, as we mentioned at the beginning, the Alcázar of Seville was chosen to be the setting for the Kingdom of Dorne. This stunning architectural complex with its beautiful gardens and palatial fountains was the abode of the Martell family. A couple of streets away are the Atarazanas Reales, currently closed to the public due to restoration works. In the series far from being the medieval shipyard that they really were, they became the catacombs of the Red Keep.

Here we invite you to stay at our Boutique Hotel Holos, located a 20-minute- walk from the historic quarter, in the neighborhood of Heliopolis. This charming small hotel provides the perfect place to recharge your batteries before continuing on you way.

A few kilometers from the city are the Ruins of Italica, in Santiponce. What was once the most important Roman city in Hispania, in fiction and with the help of digital retouching it became Dragonpit.

Anfiteatro de las ruinas romanas de Itálica, Santiponce, Sevilla, España, 2015-12-06, DD 34-45 PAN HDR.JPG
De Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0, Enlace

We now move away from the Guadalquivir, to head towards Osuna, a small municipality in the province of Seville. The producers of the series chose the Plaza de Toros or bull ring for one of the great scenes that brought to life the great pit of Daznak in Meereen, where Daenerys appears on the back of her dragon and ‘sweeps away’ all her enemies. Such was the mark left on the town by this super production that they created a Museum dedicated to Game of Thrones, which is currently the only one of its kind in Europe.

Now for a change of scenery we head back to the foot banks of the Guadalquivir in Cordoba. In the capital itself is the Roman Bridge, which with the help of special effects to lengthen it (making it somewhat unrecognizable) became Long Bridge linking the free city of Volantis over the Rhoyne. 

Córdoba-Puente Romano-Vista del Molino de la Calahorra-20110916.jpg
De Daniel VILLAFRUELA, CC BY-SA 4.0, Enlace

We have saved the highlight of this route until last, the imposing Castle of Almodóvar del Río. Standing on a hilltop close to the city of Cordoba, this imposing and complex military fortress, which has withstood the passage of time incredibly well, dominates the Valley of the Guadalquivir. In the series it became Highgarden and his dungeons recreated Casterly Rock. You can take a guided tour on which all of the castle scenes that appear in the series are signposted with information panels. In addition, you can also see an exhibition with the costumes of the characters that filmed there.

Photo: Andalucía Destino de Cine

3.The  Extremeña Route

The final route takes us to Cáceres. The old quarter of this city witnessed some scenes from the 7th season to give life to King’s Landing. Five locations in its streets were chosen for filming: the Plaza de Santa María, the Arco de la Estrella, the Torre de los Púlpitros and the Torre de Bujaco as well as the Cuesta de la Compañía.

Travelling just a few kilometers to the west we reach the beauty spot of Los Barruecos, declared a Natural Monument in the 90s. In this magical location, characterised by large granite stones and fed by streams of water, provides the location for the Great Battle of the Dragon, the grand finale of the season.

Photo: Demetrio Fernández

Finally, we visit the Castle of Trujillo. Its walled structure forms part of the defensive structure of King’s Landing. From its battlements, Jaime Lannister and Bronn contemplate the armies. This was the location where the storming of Highgarden Castle was staged.

Photo: Turismo Extremadura

We have prepared a map with the three routes and the locations so that you won’t miss a thing.

We hope that we have left you with plenty of reasons to tour the entire Spanish peninsula with a little help from Boutique Hotels Spain and Game of Thrones. We hope you will enjoy it and that your adventures will be as intense and exciting as those in the series… And don’t forget , we look forward to seeing you on your travels boutique traveller!