We’re back with some more dog-friendly beaches! 

In our previous post we toured the Mediterranean and its beaches to travel to with your dog, highlighting some of our dog-friendly boutique hotels. This time the Cantabrian Sea takes centre stage, so let’s continue with our dog-friendly beach guide… Because enjoying your holidays with your pet can only make it twice the fun!


Stay at our Boutique Hotel la Torre de Villademoros, located in Cadavedo – Asturias. A location surrounded by incredible natural beauty as well as being bathed in peace and tranquillty. The nearest beaches suitable for dogs are 20 minutes away by car. On the one hand you have Cala Saliencia, in Cudillero, about 20 km away. Here you will find a small beach, which is set up for dogs throughout the year, although it is a little difficult to get to. However, being off the beaten path it is the perfect place to enjoy nature in its purest form.

On the other hand there is the dog-friendly beach at Sabugo, in Valdés, approximately 15 km away. Adapted for dogs last year, it is also a little difficult to get to and so we recommend that you wear appropriate footwear. It is undoubtedly worth the walk to reach a beautiful unspoiled dark sand beach, framed by boulders and moderate waves.


The Galician coast is stunning its exuberant and leafy vegetation combines to breathtaking effect with beaches that have been slowly formed by the waves of the Atlantic. Here you can stay at our charming hotels Casa A Pedreira (in Cuntis) and Quinta de San Amaro (in Meaño).

From the Boutique Hotel Casa A Pedreira, the nearest beaches to visit with your pet are the Playa El Arenal, in Puebla del Caramiñal (La Coruña) and O Castelete, in Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra).

Photo: Red Canina

The first, also known as Playa de las Mariscadoras has a small delimited area of about 300 meters in length for dogs. The second, which can only be freely accessed in summer, is located next to the road, but is surrounded by fences to avoid any incidents. Still, pay attention and keep an eye on your dog at all times.

Close by to the Boutique Hotel Quinta de San Amaro there are two beaches you can’t miss in the area of O Grove, Pontevedra. The playa O Espiño and the playa O Portiño, sitting side by side they are located next to the marina of San Vicente do Mar. They are small and very calm, both in terms of the number of people they attract as well as the size of the waves you will find.

Photo: La Voz de Galicia

We have left the best until last, the dog-friendly beach on the Island of La Toja, also in O Grove. Its location is privileged and it is the only urban beach in the area that allows access to dogs. The views are spectacular and the leafy vegetation will give you a welcome break from the sun if needed.


We would remind you of some basic rules in order to enjoy these dog-friendly beaches:

  • Respect other users by keeping your pet under control.
  • Remember to take plastic bags to clean up after your dogs if necessary.
  • Keep your pet’s lead close by in case it is necessary to use it.
  • Always keep the animal’s documentation handy as a precaution.
  • Important, if you have a Potentially Dangerous Dog, known in Spain as a PPP (Perros Potencialmente Peligrosos) a muzzle and lead are obligatory and will avoid any unfortunate incident.

Finally also be aware that wherever you go, each beach has its own rules and restrictions, find out what they are and please comply with them by being the respectful owners that we know you to be.

We are sure that all this will leave you straining at the leash to choose a destination to travel to with your pet. At Boutique Hotels Spain we have a series of hotels that welcome pets, which are easy to distinguish as they all have a pet- friendly symbol. Discover them by taking a trip with your dog! We’ll be waiting for you!


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