We start the week feeling revitalised after attending FITUR 2019. We said we would in our previous post, and now we can confirm it, these last few days have provided us with a shot of energy, learning and assimilation.

In the company of our hoteliers, we have taken on board all the advances and trends as well as the issues that most concern the sector.

Under the slogan “We are Tourism“, key issues have been discussed. to analyse the current situation and reinvent ourselves. Apart from technology, the fair has revolved around social responsibility and sustainability.

Photo: Ifema – Fitur 2019

It is vital that we change the way we see tourism. Until now it has been seen as a product to be consumed or used… ” you buy a package holiday”. However, a change is needed for the client to feel and be a part of the process“to become a responsible tourist” To “be” it is necessary to re-educate the traveller that the both parties are involved. That’s why this year the fair has promoted sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism.


It is within this context, that the main new feature of the fair has been conceived, the FITUR Next Observatory, which introduced important initiatives for responsible tourism. Among the current ones, the following stand out for example, the act of collecting cigarette butts on the beaches of Barcelona after enjoying an activity like paddle surfing. This is an initiative organised by Authenticitys, a platform that promotes experiences that provide social impact by combining tourism with sustainable actions.

While it is true that tourism generates economic growth and opportunities to learn about other cultures… The other side of the coin must also be explored as it also has adverse effects such as overexploitation of resources and destinations or gentrification. The new observatory of trends has the task of researching, studying and analysing new ways of approaching the tourism of tomorrow to create a positive impact on social, cultural and environmental spheres, as well as residents, visitors and the planet. The tourism of the future, a better tourism.

So, if you have an idea or an initiative, don’t hesitate to contact the observatory and share your project through this on-line form.

Networking with travel bloggers

As for the outstanding event of the fair we have to highlight the networking event with bloggers and influencers that was organised by InterMundial Seguros and took place at its stand. It was a day that brought the world of the blogosphere closer to and in contact with the companies and professionals in the tourism sector. This was the first time it had been done at FITUR and it was very well received.

Moreover, InterMundial remarked that, as new market players, it is very important to take them into account and ask them to put forward their responsible initiatives.

Women and Tourism

We also found the conference “Women and Tourism: other visions”, promoted by the association of Women for Dialogue and Education to be very interesting. It was a conference that opens a necessary debate the need for the deconstruction of stereotypes and the fear that women have when travelling alone. Making destinations safe for women with examples such as the “pink taxi” in Brazil or train compartments for women in Mexico.”

With this in mind, under the CEHAT (Spanish Conference of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation), Spain has set itself a challenge, to become the first “Girl friendly” country in the world.


Finally, we couldn’t afford to forget such an important topic as technology and innovation within the sector. At this international show we have been able to see a good sample of how artificial intelligence and robotics will change tourism in the exhibition #techYhotel, the hotel of the future.

Examples such as express self-check-in (30 seconds), being able to open the door with your smart phone or by facial recognition, personalise the room by means of domotics (music,  aroma and lighting), interactive mirrors capable of assessing the host and offering him or her certain services, robots providing suggestions and information, interactive televisions that act as a means of communication for the hotel, intelligent mattresses that improve sleep quality … As you can imagine, a wide range of advances that seek to activate the five senses of the customer through technology.

We hope that this summary of our visit to the fair has given you a clear idea of the event. We have learnt a lot over the last few days and now we have to take on board everything that we saw and experienced … See you on your travels!