With the arrival of the summer weather, also comes the desire for long awaited and sometimes overdue holidays. Along with this come two important decisions: the need to choose our destination, and also what to pack in our bags. For some of us the latter can prove to be just as daunting a task as choosing the holiday itself. So why is it so difficult for us to organise our luggage? Deciding what we are going to take, can become something of an adventure before we have even left our own home. However, as what matters most at Boutique Hotels Spain is that you enjoy your trip and stay, don’t worry we have taken it upon ourselves to help you! 

These are the essential basics that every Boutique Hotels Spain traveller should take to enjoy a perfect holiday:


The first thing to do when choosing what clothes to take, is to check the weather forecast for our destination. It’s essential to adapt our choice of clothing to the weather and the activities we are going to be doing, is it a beach holiday or a mountain holiday? We recommend that you choose the essentials, clothes that combine easily, and above all, which are comfortable. Don’t fill your luggage with “just in case items”, you don’t need to take an outfit for every day, choose well so as not to carry too much weight. Two pairs of comfortable shoes, those that you wear to travel in and another spare pair will be enough. Accessories such as sunglasses, hats, umbrellas or a scrunch up backpack, will come in handy on more than one occasion.


At our boutique hotels the hosts have thought of every detail and you will have everything you need for your personal hygiene, so you don’t have to worry about anything… not even security control at the airport! But, if you still like to take your wash bag with you, take only the most personal items: toothbrush, comb, deodorant, your daily cream or your perfume. It is important that you bring two basics, sunscreen and insect repellent, and a small medical kit with medicines for mild conditions.


This is a very important essential. The best way is to carry everything in a document holder, to have things at hand and in that way, you won´t forget: your passport or ID, tickets, hotel documents and other reservations, cash and bank cards.


Our mobile has become an essential item in our daily life and, now that they have removed roaming charges within the European Union, you no longer have an excuse not to call or use data services anywhere. It is a very useful tool to find information or our location on a map if we get lost. Don’t forget to take the charger and an external battery so as to never be “unavailable at this moment”, as well as an adapter plug if you are a foreigner. To enjoy all BHS destinations, you really don’t need a computer or tablet, so why carry unnecessary weight? If you enjoy photography and have a camera, we assure you that you will be able to take snapshots of unforgettable memories for your travel diary. Why not try it?


A suitcase with wheels, carry-on or trolley type, is the most basic of all essentials. They will make your trip more comfortable and lighter. Take full advantage of all the space in the suitcase, filling gaps with the smallest objects, and try to fold clothes well to avoid them becoming a creased mess by the time you arrive at your destination. Searching for an iron has never been anyone’s idea of the perfect start to a holiday! Remember to include a plastic bag to store used clothing or to prevent a bottle of liquid from spilling.


To finish, let’s just check everything… Is your suitcase completely full? Yes? If so you are forgetting something important, leave some spare space! If there is something special about travel, it’s taking back a souvenir or reminder of the places that you visit… So, don’t forget to leave some spare space for them.

We hope that our boutique tips have been of great help so that packing does not turn out to be a headache. Get ready and enjoy Boutique Hotels Spain! We’re waiting for you!