Star gazing has always held a special fascination for human beings. What an idyllic idea it is to make plans under the light of the stars: a romantic dinner, spotting a shooting star and making a wish, or looking for answers in the constellations of the stars

That’s why, this week at Boutique Hotels Spain, we’re talking about astrotourism or star tourism, a new a trend that unites a passion for travel and the experience of enjoying nature through the wonders of science. All this because, for all lovers of astronomy some special dates are fast approaching.  That is to say, the ever-popular showers of shooting stars that can be seen at the end of July and in the middle of August. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a special and novel getaway.

Although there are opportunities throughout the year to observe the main meteor showers, the most well-known is the rain of the Perseids or “Tears of San Lorenzo” because of its visibility. It occurs from July 17th to August 24th, but the days of maximum activity are on the nights of August 11th to 13th, when up to 200 meteors per hour can pass overhead.

Spain has large areas of land which are sparsely populated and free from light pollution, which makes it a privileged country for astrotourism. Some points of our peninsula have been awarded the Excellent Sky Quality Certification, granted by the Starlight Foundation and endorsed by the World Tourism Organization, UNESCO and the International Astronomical Union. Among the best destinations are Galicia, Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Extremadura.

To enjoy a little star gazing, it is best to get away from urban areas, looking for destinations surrounded by nature where the skies are clear and dark areas prevail during the night. At our boutique hotel La Torre del Visco, in Teruel, they know all about this as since 2016 they are the `proud holders of the Starlight Hotel certification. Amongst its selection of outdoor activities you can enjoy an astronomy workshop. The clear, starry night skies of this area are spectacular both in winter and in summer. In this workshop you will enjoy a guided talk and observe the stars through a powerful telescope.

If you want to go a step further, for its 15th edition, the Fabra Observatory in Barcelona is proposing once again to unite gastronomy and culture by offering a unique experience “Dine with the Stars”. From June 8th to October 7th, upon reservation, you can enjoy an exquisite dinner prepared by the chef Miquel Guimerà. This dinner will be the prelude to a wonderful evening. Once you have finished dining there will be a presentation on astronomy and later a guided tour through the museum followed by the unmissable opportunity to observe the beauty of the celestial bodies of the night sky through the observatory telescope.

Just an hour’s drive away, in the province of Barcelona, ​​you can escape to our hotel La Garriga de Castelladral, the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and recover those sensations and feelings often lost among the daily stress of modern living. Here you will find peace and quiet and the possibility of enjoying starry nights in the middle of the forest, on the Mountain of Montserrat.

If we see a shooting star, we promise to make a wish for you. And if the stars align, we hope to be your destination of choice and to have awoken your interest in astronomy. Trying new things can be a very rewarding experience … We at Boutique Hotels Spain are waiting for you!