Discover an eternal Andalusia with Boutique Hotels Spain

Andalusia, Image from Wikipedia

Andalusia represents an enormous part of the multiple and brilliant spirit that we find in a country with so much history as Spain: the most populated region, the second largest, a land of great riches that attracted the first Mediterranean civilizations this far west, the cradle of a traditional culture that became universal and recognised throughout the world: Pablo Picasso, Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla, Camarón de la Isla are some of the golden Andalusian names that have made their mark on Universal History. Boutique Hotels Spain presents an intimate Andalusia in which you can enjoy simple, healthy and delicious gastronomy, reconcile yourself with your inner life and be amazed by the contrasts and nuances of an infinite land. Discover the eternal Andalusia with Hotel Boutique Spain.

Hotel Holos, Andalusia

Boutique Hotel Holos (Seville)
The Andalusian capital is our first stop. The ancient Hispalis, capital of the Roman province of Baetica, still reflects a brilliant, mannerist magic that the Spanish call duende. Enjoy Seville and the countless layers that history has deposited on one of Spain’s most important cities: the Islamic past, its role as the trade capital of Imperial Spain, its relationship with the Americas, its living artistic and cultural heritage. Enjoy the city and Hotel Holos, a designer boutique hotel located in the residential district of Heliópolis that features an ideal Zen atmosphere for relaxing and resting, while the aroma of oranges and orange blossoms reminds us that we are in Seville.

La Almendra y El Gitano Hotel, Andalusia

La Almendra y El Gitano (Almería)
Andalusia is the only Spanish region bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, one more reason that explains Andalusia’s rich diversity. Almería province is perhaps one of the most singular of the region’s eight provinces, although each one has its own personality. Almería’s natural sites are one of its great attractions, featuring three Nature Reserves: Cabo de Gata-Níjar, declared a nature reserve in 1987 and the country’s first sea-land one; it is probably one of the Mediterranean’s last stretches of virgin coastline. Until recently, it was a sanctuary of Europe’s last monk seals. Another nature reserve is Sierra de María-Los Vélez, where we can see populations of spur-thighed tortoise, and finally, Sierra Nevada, in areas below two thousand metres above sea level. The Boutique Hotel La Almendra y el Gitano is located in the Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve. It is a rural-style farmhouse that is very close to the sea. Its guests can enjoy the silence and tranquillity of one of the best protected spaces on the Mediterranean.

La Almunia del Valle Hotel, Andalusia

La Almunia del Valle (Monachil, Granada)
Nobody should leave Spain without visiting Granada. The stone flower of Sierra Nevada, the capital of the last Islamic kingdom, the architecture of La Alhambra and the monumental district, the neighbourhood of El Albaycín, the generous tapas served in its bars, its cultural programme and street entertainment… We would be quicker saying why you should not visit Granada, but we cannot think of any reasons. And for resting, the Boutique Hotel La Almunia del Valle, located on the slopes of Sierra Nevada, a National Park and Biosphere Reserve, featuring a ski and winter sports resort. We can enjoy natural surroundings that provide the peacefulness and quality of life treasured by its inhabitants.