Adventure holidays in Spanish; Mountain bike routes and route planners

Adventure holidays Fabrica de Solfa

Are you an active person? Do you like travelling through unknown routes in the middle of nature with nothing but a mountain bike and your will to explore new places?


Adventure holidaysSpain is a country full of routes for you.

Today we´ve selected this one:




Come to the land of the Hispanic goat and the tawny vulture.

Here you´ll have the chance to discover this mountain range by bike along a route that surrounds it.

Adventure holidays

From this route you´ll be able to see either the Mediterranean Sea from its southern side or a lonely countryside without any human influence, on the northern part.

Along these 200 kilometres (125 mi) and 5,300 metres of drop (more than 3 mi), thanks to the rural tourism infrastructures and the little tracks that used to join the mountain villages together, you´ll go through three different regions (Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia).

You can make this route depending on your skills and level; from a soft option with six stages and the aid of a guide, to the extreme option of facing the challenge of doing it all alone in three days.



Thanks to Pedales del Mundo (Pedals of the world) and its subsidiary in Beseit Pedales de los Ports they will be your personal route planner (luggage transport, insurances, material, gifts, etc…). This way you will only have to worry about pedalling your bicycle and enjoy what nature offers to you; an exuberant landscape, delicious gastronomy, an extraordinary cultural heritage and the most important of all: the warmth of the inhabitants in the little villages you will go by.

This cycling route is offered from March to November in a land dominated by nature.


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What makes Boutique Hotels Spain something unique is the personal touch of the owners, who will be your hosts for everything, sharing their knowledge of the area to provide you with the best corners, untraceable with a typical travel guide.

Get deep into the slow travel and / or adventure holiday´s philosophy and discover the place you visit in a way not many people can.


One of these owners will sure help you to know what´s the best to do once you are in Beseit.

Javier is the owner of the charming boutique hotel La Fábrica de Solfa and he also rules the previously mentioned Pedales de los Ports. You can´t get better advise than his.

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See more gastronomy from the hotel La Fabrica de Solfa in our Pinterest board.


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