Activities during holidays; Yoga classes with breathtaking views

Activity holidays, our yoga classes

Activity holidays:

Early in the morning our yoga classes begin on the terrace roof.

The sun is the perfect accompaniment for the soft movements, some birds joyfully tweet to the new day and then fly down the crag´s precipice.

Activity holidays

Activity holidays, yoga classes

It´s a mystic feeling to fit the moves in with the breathing while enjoying the wonderful view.

Activities during holidays, early in the morning our yoga classes

Because at the boutique hotel La Casa Grande they know how great it feels after a yoga class, it´s one of the activities they have to offer.

Activities during holidays, yoga class

In the Boutique Hotels Spain family we think that it´s great to have things like this in a charming hotel, because it´ important feeding the body, but so it is enriching the soul.