So the holidays are almost upon you! You’ve booked your accommodation, your flights are confirmed and you’ve even bought this summer’s bestseller. Just one headache remains…, what to pack in your suitcase!

Here at Boutique Hotels Spain we want you to reach your destination feeling relaxed, in a good mood and raring to enjoy yourself to the max. So pay close attention, because we’re going to tell you how to pack your suitcase quickly and easily.


MAKE A LIST. Making a list is not only practical but will also help save time. When choose the clothes you want to take with you, select comfortable clothes, ones that you wear regularly and that you feel good in. New clothes or those forgotten items hiding away at the back of the wardrobe don’t necessarily make for good travel companions.


ONLY PACK WHAT IS NECESSARY. Those “just in case” items are never used. Make two piles, one for essential clothes and another for those not so essential clothes and yes you do know which ones they are! A neat trick to help you choose what goes into each pile is to select outfits for each day. Choose clothes that can be combined to multiply your looks, don’t forget you’re going on holiday, and that means you want to look good in all those holiday snaps.


PACK THINGS PROPERLY, otherwise everything will be creased on arrival. Roll your clothes up to avoid creases and fold lines. Place heavier garments at the bottom and save the delicate ones for the top. You can also pack a scented dryer sheet to make your clothes smell like they’ve just been washed.

And if you have any doubts about what to take with you in your suitcase, check out our post about suitcase essentials and you’ll be sure not to forget anything!

And now, safe in the knowledge that your suitcase is as ready as you are, all that remains to be said is… Enjoy your holidays at Boutique Hotels Spain!