Easter is in sight… And what does that mean? Holidays! Our eyes light up at the thought of those days off, and we think that it’s the perfect excuse to travel. Being the good boutique traveller that you are, you know that an Easter holiday weekend this long just can’t be left to waste!

Choose your destination and travel with Boutique Hotels Spain! Once again, our hosts will give you all their attention, offering you comfort, exclusivity and discretion.

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It is widely known, that during these dates, holy festivities fill the streets of many Spanish cities. The processions, “pasos” (elaborate religious floats) and other peculiar traditions are a must, to enjoy and experience at close quarters, through which you can get to know the regions of Spain where the most spectacular Easter celebrations take place.

In addition to all this, Easter is characterised by typical, traditional cuisine that captivates all tastes. The chefs in our kitchens have their stoves at the ready and you won´t be able to resist the stews typically on offer during this festivity.

To make you “suffer a little penitence” and make your mouth water, we´re going to tell you about some typical Easter dishes and their recipes:


An Easter classic, full of flavour and tradition. Its main ingredient is salted cod, which has to be desalted, and is accompanied by chickpeas and spinach. Its process is very simple: a “sofrito”, or base of onion and garlic, to which we add the chickpeas, spinach and let it simmer. When it is almost ready, add the bread and the crumbled cod and then taste!


Photo: OKdiario.com

Also known as “sopa castellana” (Castilian soup) because of its origin, it is an essential Easter dish. Although there are many variants, its original recipe dates back to medieval times. Bread (from the previous day), water, oil, paprika, eggs, salt and, of course garlic, are its only ingredients. All sautéed and seasoned to taste. Topped off with hard bolied egg and its ready to enjoy!


Thus named for an absence of meat, widowed potatoes are a simple yet very, very tasty dish. Its ingredients are: potatoes, pepper, onion, oil, salt, garlic, paprika, and bay leaf. All cooked with a great care to create a spectacular potato-based dish.

Photo: Canal Cocina – Sergio Fernández


It is a very typical Andalusian recipe. It is made with shrimps (very tiny prawns), chickpea flour, wheat flour, onion, water, parsley, salt and oil. They make an exquisite delicacy as a tapa or aperitif. The onion and parsley are finely chopped and are mixed with water, flour and shrimp to create the dough. Afterwards, this dough is fried using a spoon as a measure and is then left to rest on paper to remove excess oil and it´s ready to eat! Don’t let it get too cold, they are best when crunchy. A snack that is a firm favourite with both young and old.


Of course, you must always leave space for dessert. Can we sweeten you up a little with some ideas for typical Easter desserts? Torrijas (similar to French toast), “pan quemao” (a type of brioche), fried milk or “pestiños” (deep fried sugar-coated or honey glazed dough) all provide a fittingly delicious end to an incredible meal.

Having said all this… We will now let you prepare your trip and pack your suitcases!

Enjoy Easter with Boutique Hotels Spain. We can assure you of a couple of things, we will win over your taste buds and leave you wanting to never leave! We are here waiting for you boutique traveller!