We´re sure that at one time or another you´ve had to wait when you´ve been on a trip. Flights, trains or crossings that have been delayed, postponed or cancelled. Or you may just have to make a transfer or stopover to get to your destination and have to wait for a connecting flight. For whatever reason we’ve all spent many minutes of our life waiting for the next flight.

Because of this, we at Boutique Hotels Spain want to share with you some little tricks or tips, to make the wait just that little bit more entertaining. That way you will be able to arrive at any of our hotels suitably relaxed and ready to enjoy the stay that our hosts have prepared for you.

We are going to suggest different activities to do by yourself, in the company of friends or with your family …All you have to do is choose the one you like the most. But be careful! It´s important that, whatever you do, you don´t lose track of time. You have to pay attention to the public announcement system and the information screens, we don’t want you to get left behind!

READING, A CLASSIC: Immerse yourself in a good novel, read a magazine or read up about your destination in your travel guide … A perfect plan for all that “down time”.

MUSIC SOOTHS THE SOUL: Taking your favourite playlist with you will make the wait feel shorter. Don’t forget your headphones to avoid disturbing fellow travellers. Listening to music is great, but … make sure your battery doesn’t run down! Remember that most waiting rooms or airport lounges have charging points for electronic devices. And if you are a forward-looking person, you can carry portable batteries so that music never stops!

PENCIL AND PAPER: If you travel as a family, always carry a pencil and paper. Colouring or drawing can be a fun and relaxing activity. It also provides a perfect exercise in concentration for boys or girls that will allow you to keep the situation under control. You can draw the things around you or let your imagination run wild and take advantage of the available time to be creative.

BE COMFORTABLE: During long waits it´s important that you are comfortable, otherwise, you will arrive at your destination more tired than you expected. We know that the seats are usually not very comfortable, so break up the waiting with short walks through the terminal or the waiting rooms. Do some light stretches to relieve your neck, back and legs. Try not to adopt bad postures … Your body will greatly appreciate it!

SOMETHING TO SNACK ON? And why not? A coffee or some snacks will help you “fill the void” and to clear your mind a little. A change of scene always comes in handy, for that, go to the nearest café and enjoy a light snack. It you will give energy to better get through the wait.

We hope these little tips will help you. Remember that at Boutique Hotels Spain it´s important for us that you arrive happily at your destination. So, enjoy the trip and let us take care of the rest!