Last Monday, 25th February, Boutique Hotels Spain held its Annual Meeting. Just like every year one of our partner hotels was chosen to host the event. On this occasion it was our Boutique Hotel El Molino de Alcuneza in Sigüenza, as well as Relais & Châteaux, which hosted the meeting and made it a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

So, there we found ourselves about twenty hoteliers from different parts of Spain, in order to share and discuss the most relevant issues relating to the Boutique Hotels Spain platform. During the morning session, we present the 2018 Activity Report and the Strategic Plan and Budget for 2019, which was approved by all partner hotels in attendance.

Among the aims of the Boutique Hotels Spain platform for 2019, is a desire to continue the expansion of its associate members, to continue promoting the Boutique Hotels Spain brand image on an international level, to collaborate with our destinations by promoting responsible tourism and being an active part of them. In the words of Blanca Moreno, host and managing director of the Molino de Alcuneza, in reference to the recruitment of new associates: “To weave a network of hotels based on local tradition in order to attract foreign tourists, who are our real “target, as they are who we want to work with.” Our hoteliers have found that there is a growing interest in the history, culture and gastronomy of the destinations visited, “on an international level our guests show a desire to get to know our most deeply rooted customs and local traditions”.

About us

At this point in your reading, you may be wondering what Boutique Hotels Spain is. For those who don’t know us yet, we are a group of independent hotels with charm. The hotels that make up this platform are small establishments (max. 25 rooms), run personally by us, the owners, in which you will see reflected the figure of the host. Each hotel is managed independently and we are not linked to any major hotel chain, which differentiates us in terms of the exclusive and personalised treatment that we give to our guests. They also differentiate us of course, by the characteristics of our establishments, such as the architecture, the historical surroundings and their location, our exquisite signature cuisine and among other things the specialised services that we offer.

Visit to Sigüenza

Well, returning to the thread of the meeting, being hoteliers who promote our local regions, simply having a business meeting and then returning home was never on the cards … If there is something that our hoteliers like, being the travelling souls that they are, it is to enjoy a destination. So, after talking about the serious business, during the afternoon session came the good stuff. Blanca, as the attentive host of this meeting, gave us the opportunity to have a guided tour of Sigüenza, Guadalajara. She showed us all the tourist attractions, with a guided tour of the Cathedral which is celebrating its 850th anniversary. We were overwhelmed by this spectacular building. Its mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture makes is a cathedral truly worthy of visiting.


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We also had the opportunity to visit local flour and salt producers. At the DeSpelta Flour Mill we learned about the exquisite selection of different grains and cereals and how they are used to make quality flours. It sparked an interest in to sample some of the products that are produced and marketed in the region thanks to small traditional companies. The wines of the Bodega Rionegro, a 600-hectare estate in the foothills of the Sierra de Ayllon, which has recovered the winemaking tradition of the area, El Doncel sausages or Valderromero honey, certified with the D.O. Miel de La Alcarria quality seal.

During some of these visits and meetings, we enjoyed the presence of the councillor for Tourism for the City Council of Sigüenza, Oscar Hernando, who shared with us his proposed objectives. Above all, he emphasised the promotion of destinations among foreign visitors and also highlighted the need for collaboration between local administrations and private entities.

Dinner with Michelin Star

The day and the meeting were brought to an end at the restaurant of El Molino de Alcuneza, where the hoteliers were greeted with a tasting menu that placed high value on locally sourced produce and the skill of Samuel Moreno‘s cuisine, recently awarded a Michelin Star. The evening left a sweet taste in our mouths, maybe it had something to do with local honey that was on offer!

Hare at Boutique Hotels Spain we would especially like to thank the hospitality of the hosts of the meeting, Blanca and Samuel, and all of their team. In addition, the assistance of our partners: Boutique Hotel Holos, Boutique Hotel El Secanet, Boutique Hotel La Almunia Del Valle, Boutique Hotel Posada la Pascasia, Boutique Hotel Posada Real La Cartería, Boutique Hotel Ayllón, Boutique Hotel Can Boix de Peramola, Boutique Hotel La Garriga de Castelladral, Boutique Hotel Altaïr , Boutique Hotel Abalú. It is always a pleasure to see each other again at this event, it again demonstrated that this is a small yet large family, and that the ties and relationships of friendship and collaboration we have created are very strong indeed.

See you at the next Boutique Hotels Spain Meeting!