This getaway covers the western region of the Iberian Peninsula, which runs parallel to the border with Portugal, and allows us to discover areas of great natural beauty. It is an ideal itinerary if our starting point is the airport of Madrid or if we wish to start our journey from the centre of the Iberian Peninsula and travel towards Portugal. This route takes us to the south and allows us to visit other mountain ranges and natural parks until we arrive at the coast.


Cáceres – Badajoz – Huelva – Sevilla


Vivedespacio Conde de la Corte
Hotel Boutique Holos

Day 1

Our second stop, the city of Mérida is halfway between two natural parks. It is a city which stands out for its Roman Theatre and Ampitheatre both of which were constructed between 16 B.C. and 8 B.C. Its is an interesting place to visit to learn about Pre-Hispanic history and to witness the mark that the Romans left on the Iberian Pensinsula, with their many important constructions which led to advancements for the region. Of these we would highlight the sewerage systems in the urban areas where they settled.

Accomodation: Vivedespacio Conde de la Corte

Day 2

Our next destination is Zafra. In Zafra we can also find evidence of Roman presence principally in form of the “vía de la plata” or (Silver Way) an ancient commercial and pilgrimage path that crosses the west of Spain from north to south, Andalucía, Castilla, La Mancha and El Antelejo, which has become an essential waypoint due to its wonderful old quarter and market dating back to Medieval times. Hospitals, monastaries, convents as well as the Castle of Zafra are places of interest that can be found in this small yet important town.

western spain route

We will be staying overnight in this location which will give you plenty of time to visit the town at your own pace.

Accomodation: Vivedespacio Conde de la Corte

 Day 3

Finally, if we want to continue this adventure in beautiful natural surroundongs we propose moving on to the south towards the Park of Doñana, which is one of the most important in Spain stretching from the shores of the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

We propose a stay in the Hotel Boutique Holos, in the city of Sevilla on the Banks of the river Guadalquivir, only a short distance from the aforementioned natural park which is an unforgettable trip because of its unique characteristics and spectacular landscapes. This park of more than 1000 hectares is a key point for birds migrating between the continents of Africa and Europe.