This getaway takes in the Mediterranean and Balearic coastlines. It is an itinerary designed to allow you to enjoy the beaches and good weather, as well as costal towns and the surrounding natural areas. These are highly recommended destinations to visit and will only make you want to return. The journey begins in Alicante and continues to the north along the Valencian coast, and includes a trip to the Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Menorca. The Costa Blanca, Costa Valenciana, Costa del Azahar and Costa Dorada, are ideal destinations for those seeking sun, sand and relaxation.


Alicante – Valencia – Baleares – Castellón – Teruel


Castell de la Solana
El Secanet
Can Verdera
Alcaufar Vell
El Jardín Vertical
La Fábrica de Solfa
La Torre del Visco

Day 1

Our first stop is Altea, near Benidorm 50 Km away from the airport of Alicante-Elche. We recommened this destination and not Benidorm as the latter is often overcrowded. In contrast, Altea is a quieter more exclusive zone situated between the Sierra Gelada Natural Park to the south and the Morro de Toix Natural Park to the North both of which offer spectacular panoramic views. This location has everthing to offer from sandy beaches, idyllic coves, yacht rentals, scuba diving, boat excursions, golf…

mediterranean route

Recommended accomodation: Castell de la Solana.

mediterranean route spain

Day 2

Our next stop is on the other side of the Cabo de Nao, in Gandía. This town is on the Valencian coast and is one of its most popular tourist destinations. Its population grows from 76 thousand to an amazing 320 thousand inhabitants in the summer months. It boasts 7km of white sandy beaches and warm cristal clear waters. Also of interest is the Cueva del Parpalló (Cave of the Parpalló), where cavemen who considered it to be a fertile region lived. We can see traces of the different periods in history from that time to the present day in the form of castles, palaces, convents, ports which you can see from its many nature trails.
Recommended Accomodation: El Secanet.

Day 3

Following these two visits, our next destination requires us to travel to the port of Valencia where we can sail by ferry to the Balearic Islands, of which we would opt for Mallorca as it is larger and offers far more variety than either Ibiza or Menorca. As well as its idyllic beaches we can explore the historic quarter of Palma and its Cathedral the Bellver Castle, the villages of Polença and Valdemossa and the Sierra de Tramuntana a mountain range which forms the northern backbone of the island.

Accomodation recommended in Mallorca:  Can Verdera. However, if we decide to visit Menorca, our recommended accomodation is Alcaufar Vell.

Day 4

Leaving Valencia and travelling north along the coast we arrive at our next destinations of Benicassim and Oropesa del Mar. They are among some of the most popular seaside resorts and are both worth visiting for their beaches and holiday atmospheres. They also offer an almost unlimited number of events to attend and places to discover. El Jardín Vertical

Day 5

Our next destination, in distinct contrast to the busy seaside resorts, has been chosen to provide peace, quiet and complete rest. Situated in a unique and uninhabited area of natural beauty only a few kilometres from the coast we find a luxurious hotel which was originally a fifteenth century Masia or country house. Here one can truly rest and relax contemplating the beautiful panoramic views. Here we find ourselves in close proximity to the Delta of the River Ebro where we can go on river cruises and also worthy of a La Fábrica de Solfa

Day 6

The next place of interest is the Natural Park of Dels Ports, which is very close to our next hotel. This Natural Park offers a wide variety of itineraries which take in all types of coutryside: canyons, streams, leafy forests or plateaus. In addition to the local routes we have the longer routes the “gran recorrido (GRs) which are a good way of getting closer to nature. La Torre del Visco

Day 7

The choice of the last destination we leave down to you as the coast from the Delta of the River Ebro to the city of Barcelona, offers high quality costal resorts with excellent beaches none of which will dissapoint: L’Hospitalet, Cambrils, Salou, Sitges…