This getaway is designed to learn about the history of Spain through the medieval buildings and cities that have left their mark throughout history and are considered to be the most important in the central area of the Iberian peninsula. It is an itinerary which begins in the Spanish capital Madrid and continues towards Burgos, an important city in the reconquest of Spain.


Madrid – Segovia – Burgos


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Day 1

On the first day we suggest visiting the centre of Madrid, especially its Squares and the Prado Museum, although you can find a wide variety of other tourist activities: the Paseo de la Castellana, the Retiro Park, Atocha, the Paseo del Arte, the Ruta de los Austrias, the Ruta de los Borbones, the Moncloa Palace and The University City of Madrid, the Anillo Verde or Green Ring cycle path to visit the city on bicycle, the Teleférico de Madrid cable car, as well as many others.

Madrid to burgos route

Day 2

The following day, we travel to the outskirts of the city to see the Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial, a large neoclassic building erected by F Felipe II to house the tomb of his father King Carlos V and the Palace of San Ildefonso which is located nearby.

From here we travel to Segovia where we are surrounded by antiquity. In December 1985, UNESCO included in its list of World Heritage Sites “the ancient city of Segovia and its Roman aquaduct”. They were not short of reasons to come to this decisión: the beauty of the city, its surroundings, its architecture and its tree lined streets and avenues all influenced their decisión.

Finally, we visit the town of Ayllón, where we can find the HBS hotel. Here you can visit medieval sites such as the la muralla de la villa (city wall) or la Torre Martina (ancient tower) or its palace

On the way to Ayllón another interesting place to stop and visit is the town of Sepúlveda to see the remains of its Roman Fortress, which was later used as an Arabian Alcazaba and finally a Medieval Castle.

Day 3

On this day we propose spending the whole day visiting the city of Burgos and returning to stay in Ayllón or in our next destination the town of SiGüenza which is on our return route towards Madrid

The city of Burgos contains many important ancient builidings such as the Castle of Burgos dating from the year 884, or the Gothic Cathedral, which has been declared a world heritage site.

Day 4

One can spend a whole day visiting the city of Sigüenza, specifically its Castle, Cathedral and historic quarter.

Following this visit, we follow a route which takes us back to Madrid, passing through Jadraque (Castle of el Cid), Torija (Castle of Torija) and Pioz (Castle of Pioz)