It’s already September in La Torre del Visco

It’s already September in La Torre del Visco

A month full of activities!


Saturday 2nd
Dinner and an evening of Spanish light opera “Zarzuela” with tenor David Montolio and piano accompanist Héctor Tarín.

Wednesday 14th- 18:30 h
Exchange network of autochthonous seeds from Aragon.
Talk given by Victor Enrique Vidal. Victor Enrique will explain to us what the seeds are and the implications for us in using them. The presentation will be followed by a visit to our organic vegetable plot where we are growing just some of these original varieties of vegetables which have been saved from extinction.

Saturday 16th
Star gazing session.
The night skies above La Torre both in summer and winter are spectacularly clear. It would be difficult to find anywhere in Europe today so totally free from light pollution.
Our guide, with a powerful telescope will help you discover the wonders of the night sky and to identify the Milky Way as well as key constellations and other galaxies.

Sunday  24th– 17:00 to 18:30 h.
Traditional English Tea.
Delicious home baked cakes, shortbread, crumpets and sandwiches together with the tea of coffee of your choice to be enjoyed on the terrace if weather permits and if not, in one of our elegant and comfortable sitting rooms with views over the valley. If the weather is nippy – the open fires will be lit.

Saturday 30th– 18:00 h.
Workshop – Aromatic and medicinal herbs and plants.
An introduction to the aromatic and medicinal herbs and plants most commonly found and used in the area.  A trip into the countryside to gather the herbs and plants is followed by a workshop on how to dry and store them. You will then learn how to make moisturising creams, pain-relieving massage oils, herbal remedies for coughs and colds and bouquets to freshen rooms.
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The small pleasures of winter in Boutique Hotels

The small pleasures of winter in Boutique Hotels

LUMIÑOThe cold days of winter make you feel like curling up, looking for a pleasant spot where you can enjoy the pleasure of reading a good book, admiring the scenery through the window and, above all, enjoying good company.

Without doubt, winter makes you want to get away from the routine while still feeling at home.

Listening to the rain fall while enjoying the heat of a nice fireside is priceless. Sitting in a comfortable armchair in front of the burning flames produces a special atmosphere, which enables you to enjoy the ancestral pleasure of the crackling of firewood. These are magical, captivating moments that are ideal for combining good conversation and a nice glass of wine.

And the truth is that the small pleasures are usually the simplest ones and those that we least appreciate in our everyday life. However, they make us feel good when we have some time for ourselves far from our everyday responsibilities, stress and monotony.

Boutique Hotels feature several establishments with a chimney, where you can enjoy a warm weekend lacking nothing. You can also enjoy a hearty breakfast and sleeping in a comfortable bed when you stay in our charming hotels, which you’ll find hard to leave. Some of them also have their own spa, so that you can feel as relaxed as possible during your stay and unwind the way you deserve.

We take care of all the details and pamper to your every need, so that by the time you leave, you’ll already be planning when to return.

St. Valentine’s Day in charming hotels

St. Valentine’s Day in charming hotels

St. Valentine’s Day in charming hotelsThe countdown has begun for the most romantic day of the year! St. Valentine’s Day is a day that nobody forgets; whether we like it or not, everyone knows that February 14 is Cupid’s day.

The more romantic ones are already exploring different options in order to surprise their partner. Since, this year, St. Valentine’s Day also falls on a weekend, it’s a perfect excuse for enjoying a treat together.

We offer you different options so that you can organise a break and enjoy an unforgettable weekend in our charming hotels. We’ll take care of all the details, although we’re open to suggestions.

  • For bike and outdoor cycling enthusiasts. Share landscapes and time with your partner in our bike-friendly hotels, a healthy activity with a lot of charm.
  • For  lovers of exciting adventures. We recommend flying over Madremanya and Girona in a balloon with our hotel Racó de Madremanya. This romantic moment will bring back the magic in your partner. Another unforgettable option will activate your adrenaline, enjoying together a bird’s eye view of Asturias’ incredible scenery in a paraglider.
  • For snow enthusiasts. Enjoy the fresh air with your partner. Although winter is usually the time for staying at home nice and warm, it’s also an ideal moment for enjoying nature. Skiing, playing and laughing together surrounded by a blanket of snow.
  • For adventurersWe have different options: trekking or horse riding, potholing, canyoning, canoeing…
  • For allergy sufferers. We have hotels that can prepare menus in line with your suggestions, so that it is possible to win over your partner with our hotels’ fine food.
  • For persons with limited mobility. We have a selection of hotels that are not only pleasant but also designed to make your stay more comfortable, so that you can enjoy a dream-like St. Valentine’s Day.
  • For more classical ones. Relax with your partner in our spa hotels and enjoy a breath-taking dinner.

And for those who want to make the most of St. Valentine’s Day to propose to their partner, remember that we also have ideal hotels for the occasion.

Boutique hotels, options for everyone.

3 Spanish Cities with a great Carnival festival

3 Spanish Cities with a great Carnival festival

spanish cities carnivalThe Carnival festival is a time when laughter, humour, abandon and colour fill Spain’s towns and villages. Days in which unlimited excitement is the main ingredient. Today, we would like to recommend three cities, where our hotels are present and you can enjoy the Carnival festival in a big way.

One of the festivals with the greatest participation is the one in Badajoz, declared to be of National Tourist Interest and considered one of the best in Spain. Extremadura’s streets become a big fancy dress party with the participation of around 80,000 in more than forty groups. Individualism is only present on the pavements. Nobody wants to miss this great festival and most of the neighbouring villages hold their own Carnival festival on Saturday afternoon, so that they can participate in the capital’s festival on Sunday. Visit Badajoz and complete your experience by staying in our hotel Hotel Vive Despacio Conde de la Corte, housed in a palace from the late 19th century; you’ll enjoy a historical weekend.

In Ciudad Real it is worth highlighting the matchless spectacle of Piñata Sunday, which tours the city streets with a Grand Parade Competition of Carnival Floats and Groups. All of the province’s villages participate with their best groups, wearing highly colourful, original costumes. The parade reflects a lot of imagination, especially due to the satyr and humour with which participants make fun of current affairs. In order to enjoy this event, we recommend that you stay in our charming hotel located in the locality of Almagro, Hotel La Casa del Rector.

The last city we recommend is Navarre, where the Carnival festival is synonymous with magical dances and rituals. The festival in Lanz is one of the most important ones held in the municipality and the one with the greatest attendance in the region of Navarre. A rural festival with deep roots that is held on the three days before Ash Wednesday. The main day is Shrove Tuesday, which is when the capture, trial and burning at the stake of the festival’s main character, Miel Otxin, takes place. He’s an evil bandit that represents evil spirits. Enjoy the adventure and go from spending a day surrounded by people to complete intimacy, sleeping in Hotel Aire de Bardenas, whose design blends in with the desert.

Secanet, hotel with vegetable garden

Secanet, hotel with vegetable garden

hotel with vegetable gardenStaying in a hotel with vegetable garden and enjoying breakfast with the aroma and taste of freshly squeezed oranges is a real delight for the most discerning palates. The same is true of dishes prepared with vegetables from the hotel’s own garden. Without doubt, “homemade” tomatoes and oranges have a special taste that all guests appreciate.

This is the secret of our Secanet Hotel, which stands out not only due to its details, comfort and service but also to its breakfasts and dinners that are meticulously prepared by its chef Gemma Company. Her dishes feature ingredients from the hotel’s vegetable garden, which explains their breath-taking aroma and taste.

The idea of eating breakfasts and dinners prepared with ecological products is a real delight. Recently picked fruit, aromatic herbs, baby beans, small artichokes… products that are not commercially available and which you can savour in our hotel. The chef has the luxury of using vegetables of different calibres and sizes, which add a special touch to her dishes. And the truth is that Gemma’s dishes are also pleasing to the eye, creative recipes that make your mouth water.

Another of the restaurant’s characteristics is the lack of a menu. In this hotel, we treat our guests like friends coming home for dinner. We try to surprise them by preparing dishes using ingredients from the area’s best markets and from our own vegetable garden and henhouse.

Dinner usually consist of tapas, a main dish and a homemade dessert. In season, we serve peacock, goose, Mandarin duck… eggs, and one of our culinary pillars is Vall de Almonacid olive oil.

Resting, disconnecting and feeling like home are things that come to mind when we plan our holidays. However, if we also have the privilege of deluxe cuisine without leaving the hotel, then it’s a perfect plan. El Secanet, located in Algimia de Alfara, in the north of Valencia province, is an excellent Boutique Hotel that will far exceed your expectations. It also features ideal surroundings for enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, as well as the Valencia Region’s beaches.

Our hotels in Instagram

Our hotels in Instagram

hotels in InstagramIf there’s one thing that we like, it’s travelling. We long so much for our holidays, in order to get away from it all and change routine, that those days pass by so quickly. Before we know it, it’s time to return to reality. Being in a charming hotel that captivates us from the moment we set foot in its gardens, its room, its food and/or its personnel, helps to ease our post-holiday depression.

We at Boutique Hotels in Spain are addicted to looking after every detail to make your stay unbeatable and, by means of our Instagram posts, we want to extend your holiday experience and make you feel as if you were still with us. We use them to inform you about events taking place in our facilities, as well as dishes that you can try in your next stay and we re-post your photos of our establishments as a token of our gratitude.

Today we’d like to speak about our most active hotels on Instagram, whose photos make us want to visit them on our next trip.

  • Hotel Aire de Bardenas. This original designer hotel uploads photos that make us want to spend all our savings and stay for a season in it. And when we’ve spent our savings… we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it 😉
  • La Casona de Suesa. The Casona is the ideal hotel for getting away from it all and relaxing. Its photos highlight its refined decoration, so that you’ll feel at home as soon as you arrive.
  • Torre del Visco. For animal lovers. The hotel has two pets, two very affectionate little dogs that are great posers in its Instagram photos.
  • Posada La Pastora. A charming rural hotel, ideal for experiencing a fantastic getaway, discovering nature and sightseeing in Unacastillo (Aragon); its photos portray the charm of this lovely medieval town.
  • El Jardín de Carrejo. Its photos show us its lovely garden, whetting our appetite for strolling around and enjoying nature.
  • Molino de Alcuneza. A charmingly restored mill in a wonderful place; both its photos and the hotel make us feel like resting and relaxing.
  • Hotel La Salve. Seeing the delicacies prepared by its chefs will really whet your appetite. Art and taste come together in its dishes, whose photos help to acquaint you with its cuisine. We recommend not visiting its Instagram page on an empty stomach. 😛
  • La Garriga de Castelladral. Apart from showing us the hotel, its gastronomy and surroundings, its Instagram page informs us about weddings as well as brides and grooms, making us want to be like them and to tie the knot in a place like this.
  • Hotel Serena Altea. A paradise surrounded by nature in which the photos of its desserts stand out.
  • Alcaufar Vell. Small details make a big difference, which is something that the owners of this charming hotel are well aware of. They apply the same philosophy to their use of social networks.

TOP 5, 2016. Getaways in Spain

TOP 5, 2016. Getaways in Spain

Getaways in Spain

For travel lovers who are already counting the days for their next holiday and looking for new experiences and charming places, here’s our list of 5 Spanish destinations that you shouldn’t miss in 2016.

  • If you’re an adventurer, El Berro, a village in the beautiful mountains of Murcia, is the place for you. The ideal setting for trekking and sports in contact with nature, such as mountain biking, climbing, paragliding, potholing and orienteering, among others. Walking and discovering the beauty of Sierra Espuña will bring great pleasure.
  •  In the south of Extemadura we recommend Zafra, also known as Sevilla la Chica (Little Seville) due to its numerous palaces, Plaza Grande, Plaza Chica and, of course, Calle Sevilla (Seville Street); it’s well worth spending a few hours strolling around these streets that have been declared a Historic-Artistic Site of National Interest. Moreover, its great location and amount of services make it the ideal place for an overnight stay while touring the south of Extremadura.
  • If you’re in the Basque Country, don’t miss the chance to roam around Gorbeia Nature Reserve, 20,000 hectares of priceless scenic, cultural and natural value. Monte Gorbeia enjoys a characteristic mountain climate due to its height of 1,482 metres. This peak has become a traditional landmark for Basque mountaineers. Gorbeia is one of the mountain ranges that receives the most visitors, thanks to its attractive peaks and outstanding scenery.
  • Ezcaray, in the Rioja Alta district, is a medieval town located on the banks of the River Oja. It’s the perfect start point for touring the upper river valley or visiting the surrounding vineyards. Well-known due to the nearby Valdezcaray ski resort, the only one in the autonomous region of La Rioja, Ezcaray features a beautiful old town with arches, arcaded squares and palaces.
  • If you feel like exploring a different part of Asturias, we recommend Cadavedo and Piloña.

Cadavelo, a small village with a lot of charm between Cudillero and Luarca. The village houses stand out due to their beauty, but undoubtedly the prettiest spot is the surroundings of La Regalina, an old chapel featuring amazing views. It’s also worth visiting Cape Busto, near Cadavedo.

– In Piloña, you’ll find mountains and forests full of life, secluded valleys through which colourful rivers and streams flow, forming unique ethnographic sites. It features extensive, unspoilt natural surroundings, which make it a favourite destination for enjoying mountain activities. Don’t miss visiting Espinaredo, which is perhaps the town in the province with the most “hórreos” (stone granaries).

As you can see, you don’t have to travel far to find places that, after visiting them, will remain etched in your mind forever.

Boutique Hotels Spain wishes you a New Year full of charming getaways 😉

Seven things you need to know about Christmas in Spain

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This is the time of year full of celebrations, gifts and excitement. If you decide to spend Christmas in Spain you will find a transformed country, since this season fills the streets and shops with lights and decorations to create a special atmosphere. Experience it with Boutique Hotels and make the most of the holidays.

It all begins on December 22, with the Christmas Lottery draw. Most Spaniards participate and excitedly hope that theirs will be the lucky number. The place that wins the main prize soon fills with partying, champagne and celebrations. Since we have hotels distributed all over Spain, some of you will be able to experience this euphoric atmosphere first hand.

A few days later brings us to Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. In our hotels you will find succulent menus and the best way of enjoying the country’s gastronomy. These festivities also feature a gastronomic banquet; there are special lunch and dinner menus for the occasion, with seafood being the main ingredient. Due to its variety and, above all, its quality, Galicia is the paradise of sea produce. Visit it and enjoy its sea delicacies.

If you are in Andalusia on Christmas Eve, you will see boys and girls accompanied by traditional instruments such as tambourines, drums… going around the cities singing Christmas carols for some Christmas money.

At the same time, an ancient tradition takes place in Catalonia called the “cagatío.” It is a wooden log that is adorned with two front legs, a smiling face, a “barretina” (traditional Catalan cap) and a cloak. The “Tió” is placed in Catalan living rooms about two weeks before Christmas and the children have to “feed him.” Moments before Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day, depending on the family tradition, the children approach the “cagatió” and hit him with a stick while singing a catchy traditional song in Catalan: “Caga tió cagá torró, i si no cagues, et donaré un cop de bastó.” From underneath his cloak, the “Tió” drops small gifts (normally sweets, wafers, nougat, etc.) for the young ones in the house.

A few days later, a classic event is held in Valencia: the San Silvestre Race. An entertaining sports event in which families and friends run while wearing fancy dress. The race will take place on Wednesday, December 30, 2015, and marks the end of the city’s traditional races.

On December 31, we bid the year farewell by celebrating New Year’s Eve. According to Spanish tradition, you have to eat 12 grapes, one for each stroke of the clock at midnight. Eating the 12 grapes in time will bring you good luck. All over Spain people watch the “Campanadas” (midnight strokes) on television. However, if you are in Madrid, we recommend visiting the clock in Puerta del Sol to enjoy this experience first hand. After eating the 12 grapes, join the parties that will be organised in our hotels to round off the perfect evening.

 If you are travelling with children, then the most special day is undoubtedly January 5. In all of Spain’s towns and villages, there is a Parade featuring the Three Wise Men, because Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar are the ones that bring Spanish children their presents, bringing a big smile to their faces.

Boutique Hotels Spain would like to wish you a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Charming hotels adapted for persons with reduced mobility.

Charming hotels adapted for persons with reduced mobility

Since we believe that all guests should be able to freely move around our hotel facilities during their holidays, we have a selection of Charming hotels in Spain that are not only pleasant but also comfortable for clients with reduced mobility.

Some only have to travel with their luggage while others also have to take along a wheelchair, walking stick… In view of this situation, these hotels offer comfort as well as charm for all clients.

La Fábrica de Solfa. This offers you the possibility of sleeping in an old paper factory without any barriers preventing you from enjoying the experience. The hotel is adapted for persons with reduced mobility. It has a lift on all floors, an adapted room and ramps for accessing the hotel’s facilities without any problems. With the music of the river flowing in the background, relaxation is guaranteed. The hotel will recommend activities in which you can participate without worrying about your wheelchair.

La Casa del Rector. Nothing will prevent you from enjoying this hotel in which you can experience the change from the traditional to contemporary modernity, represented by three concepts. A rustic hotel, with a courtyard typical of La Mancha, a modern hotel, with spacious areas, luxury rooms and minimalist decoration, and a designer hotel, which combines the advantages of home automation with contemporary design and luxury.

El Molino de Alcuneza. This 14th-century flour mill has been converted into the perfect hotel in which to spend a few days and enjoy its facilities. This Boutique Hotel is full of charm and luxury service. Enjoy an oasis of peace to get away from your routine, letting time pass by without any stress.

La Salve. Another adapted hotel that will enable you to enjoy a peaceful, comfortable and relaxing place. It features spacious gardens and Castilian courtyards where you can get away from the world. Enjoy an unforgettable experience, ideal for enjoying a few days while feeling at home.

Can Boix de Peramola. Enjoy a privileged setting, surrounded by spectacular mountains and very close to the traditional village of Peramola. Enjoy contact with nature in a unique landscape that will sooth your nerves. The hotel also features areas where you can have a peaceful time and forget about everything.

Vivedespacio Conde de la Corte. Feel like a marquis for a few days by staying in this stately palace from the mid-19th century. A charming hotel where you can enjoy a perfect stay for a few days. Do not miss the chance of staying in a palace that will take you back in time.

Etxegana. Harmony, silence and relaxation await you in this charming hotel full of pleasant spots where you can enjoy peace and quiet. It is adapted for persons with reduced mobility. Like the ones above, it also features access for persons with reduced mobility and adapted rooms.

Happy anniversary, Barosse! A charming hotel celebrates its birthday.

charming hotel Barosse

On December 5th, our charming hotel Barosse (Jaca, Huesca) was ten years old.

Ten years of a lot of work and enthusiasm that has resulted in loyal clients, since all those visiting Barosse want to come back. And the fact is that its owners, Jose and Gustavo, take care of every detail to make all the guests visiting this beautiful place happy.

Both of them have always liked this type of tourism, intimate and small scale, and they made the most of a beautiful place that they owned near Jaca to make their dream come true: creating a charming hotel where every guest can enjoy, relax and be pampered. Personalised service is one of their strong points, along with the quality of everything they do.

Barosse is a very personal project, a different hotel concept in the Aragonese Pyrenees designed for adults. The elegance in the details, discretion, romanticism, the luxury of silence and the mountain scenery at your feet, come together in this rural hotel with five dream-like rooms.

Undoubtedly, 2015 will be a year to remember, with the hope that 2016 will be the fourth year in a row that Barosse is awarded the Excellence Certificate, thanks to the quality of the reviews and comments made by its clients on Tripadvisor. This fact generates, above all, confidence and transparency, apart from raising the standard of what guests expects during their stay in the hotel, which obliges them to keep up the good work. Jose and Gustavo objective is doing things well day after day, without abandoning the road or the philosophy set out before them. They continue working with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning, learning and renewing their energy to give the best of themselves and of Barosse.

Their challenges are to continue advancing, learning from everything that they see, visit and experience, with the objective of becoming well known in both Spain and abroad.

Here’s to many more years of success and good times!