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About Boutique Hotels in Spain

Boutique Hotels Spain has been created by the owners of small luxury hotel hideaways and romantic retreats to offer a platform where travellers do not only find small and charming hotels, but also information on their locations.

We created this website because we are travellers like you and because we think that travelling is essential to open your mind. To us, travel provides learning about places and gives you an idea of how people live, work, and play in other countries and cultures.

The idea for Boutique Hotels in Spain came up, because we are friends and share the passion for what we do: Managing our own small hotels, taking personally care of each detail, working hard to make our guests feel at home while enjoying our accommodations all situated in enviable, magnificent locations all over Spain.

The aim of Boutique Hotels in Spain is to provide our personal touch and information on what to do and what to see in our respective regions, to turn your vacation or short break into a memorable stay.

We are well versed in the field of tourism and our hotels have been awarded for offering first-class service, both in lodging and gastronomy.

We believe that taking personally care of each guest and putting all our energy into ensuring that everything’s exactly how they want it, all the time, makes the difference. We do our best to ensure that your holiday is as good as it can be.

Welcome to Spain, welcome to our boutique hotels!